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The arrival of information age, the emergence of knowledge economy, not only brought the Gospel to the global economy, also brings to the electronics industry unprecedented prosperity, electrolytic capacitor has also been an unprecedented development. Explosive growth in the market, making all kinds of methods of communication, network technology is booming development, program-controlled switches, telephones, mobile phones, cordless phones, pagers, desktop computers, notebook computers, handheld computing machine, display, photocopiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, chargers and get rapid popularization, the electrolytic capacitor is widely used in power supply section.From low to high pressure and small capacity to large capacity, wide variety, demand is huge. The rapid growth of the automobile electronic traditional automobile electronic involved 10 electronic systems, including electronic dashboard, electronic fuel injection system, car audio systems, engine management system, global positioning system (GPS), anti-lock brakes, airbag system, automatic driving system, automatic window system, automatic lock system, etc.These systems are all more or less to use the electrolytic capacitor.The future of the electric car is a new growth point of electrolytic capacitor, each electric cars need at least four high pressure large capacity electrolytic capacitor used in battery, voltage conversion, inverter circuit, etc. The popularity of household appliances, color TV, stereo, camera, VCD, DVD, video tape recorder, CD player, frequency conversion air conditioning, frequency conversion refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, electric rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, energy-saving lamps and future digital television, such as machine top box and digital cameras are the use of aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

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