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Jinpei stablished in 2005, has more experience of the capacitors than 30 years; As a earliest supplier who offer military capacitors and explore military fields for application and R&D AI(artificial intelligence) industries since years; It found Shanghai office in 2005,mainly charge of international business.

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Snap-in electrolytic capacitor has the very high residual voltage after instantaneous short circuit, the usual explanation is that the dielectric absorption.If medium absorbing really so big, the influence of aluminum electrolytic capacitor frequency characteristic must be very poor, now even better than the real use of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is much worse, after all, low impedance frequency characteristics of the Snap-in electrolytic capacitor has done very well, and the latest polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor frequency characteristic and even closer to the ceramic capacitor.Therefore, it can be said that aluminum electrolytic capacitor residual voltage is not generated by the dielectric absorption of p is another reason.So what reason be?The author thinks that is of special structure of aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrodes, which ^ so much residual voltage.
In the applications of rectifier power frequency filtering, the snap - in electrolytic capacitor due to its large capacity, high pressure and has an irreplaceable position.In power frequency rectifier filter applications, as a consumer, should pay attention to the snap - in electrolytic capacitr what about the performance?
After the application of tantalum capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor has been found to exist in the application of short service life, not resistant to high temperature (military requirements up to 125 ° C), the problem such as capacitance change with temperature is obvious, tantalum capacitor, forced people to seek the good performance of tantalum electrolytic capacitor is a kind of good performance of capacitors.Tantalum capacitors with solid and liquid two forms of the cathode.
Good reputation in use with consumer & industrial electronics. Optimum for automatic insertion due to their small size and light weight. Coated with epoxy resin for superior heat resistance, humidity resistance and solvent resistance...
With a small loss,anti-moist,excellent electrical performance,reliability,large capacity,long life and good self-healing properties. Typical Applications AppIied to starting and better working of single-phase motor in50Hz(60Hz) AC electric power system. It is...
Super Capacitors Module SM-5R5-405UL(gold capacitors,ultra capacitors,EDLC) Cycle life expectancy:After 100,000 times of cycles between U0 1/2U0 at RT,︱ △C/C︱≤30%,ESR≤4 times of specified ESR(25℃)

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