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175℃ High Temperature Tantalum Capacitors CA501

175℃ High Temperature Tantalum Capacitors CA501

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High Temperature Tantalum Capacitors CA501

● Silver case, gas seal, Cylindrical, Axial leads, High temperature sleeve, Polar

● Good electric performance, High reliability, long life, Low DF and LC.

● High temperature performance, Can use at 175 ℃

● Suit for oil drilling deep well measurements and high temperatureelectronic devices DC or pulse circuit

● Implementation of standards: QJ/PWV223-2008 

● How to order: CA501-63V100μF-M:100pcs

Technical Performance

●Operation temperature:-55℃~+175℃ (>155℃ use derated voltage)

●Capacitance Tolerance:±10%;±20%;-10%~+30

●Dissipation Factor:25℃,100Hz (see table 1)

●Leakage Current:25℃ IO≤0.002CRUR(μA)or 2μA (whichever is greater)

175℃ IO≤0.03 CRUR(μA)or 30μA (whichever is greater)


The influence of environment on tantalum capacitor
tantalum capacitor manufacturers

Because of the facts of reliability and electrical parameters change with temperature, must be limited capacitor can withstand the climate conditions.The climate of the most important factor is to allow the lowest and highest temperature and humidity conditions.

Temperature range
Condenser temperature range between the lower and higher temperature of the environment, in which the capacitor is more according to its working climate category.Of tantalum capacitor in - 55 ~ + 125 ℃ temperature range, between - 55 ~ + 85 ℃, the maximum continuous voltage Vcont can be equal to rated voltage VR, regardless of the other specific qualifications.At 85 ℃ upwards, voltage decreases.

The minimum allowable working temperature Tmin (lower temperature)
Since each single capacitor type allowed capacitance, or the decrease of the electrolysis and the conductivity of the semiconductor layer lead to the increase of impedance, lead to a lower temperature.The temperature dropped to a lower temperature will not affect the service life.

Maximum allowable working temperature Tmax (higher ambient temperature)

Higher environmental temperature is the maximum permissible temperature, temperature in the condenser can work continuously in the state allows the electronic load.If more than the limit, capacitor may early failure.More than a high ambient temperature to allow a short time.But because the allowable time depend on the electronic load, so after finish this application S + M components must be considered.

Damping thermal conditions
Allow damping heat condition of tantalum capacitor by the corresponding climate type of IEC 68-1, provided by the corresponding IEC68-2-3 test.

IEC climate

Respective IEC climate environment of capacitor allow climate strength is given.According to IEC 68-1, climate, the environment is made up of three groups of Numbers.
For example: 55/125/56.
Group 1: lower ambient temperature (temperature) said, according to IEC68-2-1 test - A test temperature (cold).
Group 2: the more high temperature (temperature) said according to the test IEC68-2-2 B (dry) test temperature.
3 groups: the number of days, according to IEC682-2-3 I + 2 at 93% / 3% relative humidity test Ca (damp heat, steady state) tolerance and 40 ℃ ambient temperature.

Temperature storage and transmission
Tantalum capacitor is stored fallen below 80 ℃, a high storage temperature should not exceed the rated temperature range.

High Temperature Tantalum Capacitor supplier

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