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Tantalum capacitor was born in 1956, due to their high energy density, high reliability, stable performance, wide working temperature range, in industry, military market got a very wide range of applications.JINPEI tantalum capacitor manufacturers in the production of various series of tantalum capacitor, has high reliability, small leakage current, stable performance, high electric field strength, and its specific storage charge is very high, so there is a requirement for reliability is suitable for occasions, with aluminum capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, mica capacitor irreplaceable advantages.Although because of its high cost lead to market share is less than the other three kinds of capacitor, but in the field of high-end capacitors, JINPEI brand tantalum capacitor has a stable market share and performance advantages.At the same time, JINPEI tantalum capacitor manufacturers provide conductive polymer tantalum capacitor, with successful application experience, the development of tantalum capacitor has resulted in a new peak, JINPEI tantalum capacitor manufacturers of conductive polymer tantalum capacitor has a low ESR value and higher reliability.

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