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Can store up to very high energy and can be released in a very short time is a lot of applications, such as laser weapon of excitation source, the start of the power plant, etc.) is needed.High rate of energy release is not generally device can be done, such as lead battery won't even in the best condition to 10C high-magnification repetition of discharge current, discharge sex can excellent lithium battery under 10C high-magnification repeat discharge life relatively 1C or below the low rate of discharge. Also will be very short.Size of 60mmx28mmx90mm battery is not released 1000 a peak electric current, which is determined by the battery itself characteristics.To achieve this purpose, people developed the monomer as much as thousands or even tens of thousands of method of super capacitor, developed super capacitor's original purpose is to provide short-term extremely high power laser weapon power to motivate the laser generator.Super capacitor Banks can provide voltage up to hundred volts in seconds To be a few kv, current up to tens of thousands of short-term high power amp.Even if not in the military, in the application of fuel cell electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle also occupies an important position. How to obtain a high energy storage density?electrolytic capacitor based on the depth of electrode corrosion and gain more effective electrode area, makes the electric capacity compared with film capacitor are obviously improved.Even so, electrolytic capacitor has a capacity of low voltage specification is only for ferrari, under high pressure of also however 20000 uf.How to further improve the electric capacity of capacitor, the energy storage density leap to improve?Improve the capacitor energy storage density has two ways: keep capacity Increase the pressure and keep pressure electric capacity, use more often the latter.Improve the capacitance method generally has two kinds, to improve the dielectric coefficient of medium and minimize the distance between electrodes.Ceramic capacitor adopts the high permittivity dielectric and obtained high per unit volume of electric capacity, can reach 1206 size SMD ceramic capacitor to 100 uf / 6.3 V.Minimize the distance between the electrodes is another a good way to improve the unit volume under the large capacity.Super capacitor is using the principle and increase the effective area of electrode and make as much as possible.By way of porous electrode per unit volume can be obtained under the maximize the effective area of electrode, then reduce the distance of two electrodes to the nanometer level, so that even the most in the known thickness thin, dielectric strength can be precise control of alumina membrane also need 50 nm ~ lum, about 50 ~ 100 times.

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