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Power Inverter With Charger

Power Inverter With Charger

Power Inverter With Charger


JPpower pc series inverter with charger acts as a charger, an inverter and an off-line UPS at the same time. Enhanced by transit technology will ensure your appliances operating continuously while going out of household power supply. It can select DC or AC input fully automatically. Short s less 10 millisecond transfer time between two inputs specially protect your system from possiblity of data lost.


Ultra-Fast Transfer Relay: reduce transfer time between bypass mode and inverter mode, reduce possiblity of voltage drop.

L.I.T: Low interference technology

Universal protection circuit : over load, long life for battery , earth fault, short circuit, over temperature, soft start 

Turbo cooling : Keep the inverter surface cool and higher efficiency

High Efficiet :Wide-range high efficient circuit maximize the operating time and more energy saving 

Automatic 3 stage internal battery charger

U.P.S : Uninterrupitable Power Source

Decide your own AC backup time by choosing different batteries!

Protection Functions

Low voltage alarm & Shutdown 

Over voltage protection

Overload protection

Over temperature protection 

Short circuit protection 

Reverse Polarity protection 

Soft start

Auto.reset after being in protected 

Earth leakage protection

Power Inverter supplier

With over 30 years' experience in manufacturing and marketing quality power inverter with charger to all over the world, Jinpei Electronics is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers. We now have quantity of quality power inverter with charger for sale, you can rest assured to buy it with our company at a competitive price.


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