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Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Modified Sine Wave Inverter


Vehicle and vessel Equipment Series: Military vehicle, police cars ambulances, ships, trucks, cars, etc.

Office Equipment Series: laptop computers, printers, desktop computers, copiers, scanners, program-controlled telephone switches attendance machine, network equipment, etc.

Digital electronic product series: digital cameras, game consoles, Apple iPhones and all kinds of mobile phones,learning machine,MP3 / 4 players, mobile DVD, etc.

Household Equipment series: air conditioner, refrigerator, TV, washing machines, electric fans, water heaters, VCR, stereo, DVD, VCD, and microwave ovens. etc.

Product Features

High efficiency, fast start

Modified Sine Wave form output

Strong Adaptability and stability

Built-in fuse, safe and reliable

Main function and Protections

Battery Low Voltage Alarm

When the voltage of battery is lower than normal voltage for a certain range, the inverter will beep to remind the user that the battery needs to be charged. The user should stop the electronic equipment and charge the battery as soon as possible.

Battery Low Voltage Protection

When the voltage of battery or power supply is too low, the inverter will shutdown automatically and stop output to avoid the damage of the battery or power supply. When the voltage is back to normal, the inverter returns to work automatically.

Battery over-voltage protection

Inverter will shut down automatically when the DC input voltage is more than the normal value for a certain range. Please note that it may damage the machine if the voltage is too high. Over Heat Protection:

If the inverter internal temperature or ambient temperature is too high, the inverter will go temperature protection automatically to ensure the safety of electrical equipment.

Over Load Protection

When power of the load connected exceeds the rated power (Watt) of inverter, the inverter will shut down automatically and stop output. It would recover and work normally after the removal of overload.

Short-circuit Protection

When the load is in short-circuit trouble, the inverter will shut down automatically and stop output. It would recover and work normally after the removal of short-circuits.

Earth leakage protection

Inverter is made according to the national security leakage protection standards. When leakage of electricity occurs at the grounding terminals, leakage protection circuit will shut down the inverter to avoid the electric shocks.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter supplier

With over 30 years' experience in manufacturing and marketing quality modified sine wave inverter to all over the world, Jinpei Electronics is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers. We now have quantity of quality modified sine wave inverter for sale, you can rest assured to buy it with our company at a competitive price.


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