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PCB Design

PCB Design

►SI、PI、EMC、DFM, comprehensive simulation and design.
►Give full consideration to simulation analysis for design.
►Throughout tech support from Japanese senior engineers.
►Extensive hands-on experiences and successful projects.
►Able to perform signal simulation analysis over Giga Hz and above.



Signal Integrity


Major project:

√  Support IBIS, Hspice model and S-parameter models.

√  Frequency-domain, time-domain and channel analysis to ensure high-speed transmission.

√  Consideration of multiple practical factors, e.g., reflection, crosstalk, ringing, eye diagram, jitter, 

bit error rate, S-parameter, and etc.

√  A large number of successful cases in DDR3 and PIC-e, showing plentiful on-the-ground experience.

◄Delay Calculate

◄Reflection simulation

◄Crosstalk simulation

◄Static timing analysis

◄ S-parameter extract

◄ Topology analysis

◄ Impedance Calculate

◄ Stack up analysis

◄ SSN simulation

◄Serial/Parallel link simulation


PCB Case


Power Integrity




Electro Magnetic


EMC contain electromagnetic interference (EMI) andelectromagnetic sensitivity (EMS). Board-level EMC design uses the idea of focusing on source control, starting from the design stage to take measures, combined with signal integrity analysis, problem solving EMC fundamentally. The presence of external interface board, and can not be fully shielded products, the board-level EMC design is non-substitutable. Consideration on the single- board in EMC design will reduce the pressure of the succeeding process, and can shorten the development cycle and reduce the bulk cost.


Design For


DFM is the core technology of concurrent engineering, it benefits from the analysis of design information, evaluation of manufacturability and suggestions for design improvement. We design and implement the process synchronization using manufacturing simulation system, simulating the throughout production process, from design to assembly. DFM concept design approach can be effective in reducing the number of trial production, speed up the development cycle.

PCB Design

Japan technology, focus on quality and service

● 100% Japan design and management

● 5+ Cooperation with senior Japan company

● 10+ study in Japan of engineers

● 100+ Japan comstomers

Military quality trust Jinpei

● 46+ Layers

● 58000+ Pins

● 4.4+ GHz Frequency

● 30+ Gbps Rate

PCB design expert

● 15+ Expreicence

● 30+ Engineers

● 500+ Clients

● 9000+ Projects


Industry-leading design strength, challenging the most high-end, the most advanced manufacturing processes and design limits of technology


ADI, AMD, ATERA, ATMEL, Broadcom, Cavium, Cortina, Elpida, Freescale, Galileo,

IDI, Intel, Infineon, Marwell, MAXIM, Mellanxo, Micron, MTK, NXP, NS, NVID-IA, National, 

Qualcomm, Renesas, ST, Sumsung, TI, TSMC, Toshiba, Xinlinx…

DDR, DDR2, DDR3(1866MT/s), QDR/FDR, LPDDR, USB, Ethernet, iLink, LVDS, PCI, PCI Express, HDMI, SATA, SFP, Audio, Video, CAN, RF, XAUI, RXAUI, RapidIO, Interlaken, XFI, SFI, SGMII, TMDS, 10GBASE-KR, CEI-6G/11G/25G/28G, CAUI… ATCA, MTCA, CPCI, VPX, FMC, AMC, PCIe Card, 3U, 6U Card, X86 (Server, PC, PAD), ARM(Samsung, TI, Qualcomm…)…



With over 30 years' experience in manufacturing and marketing quality pcb design to all over the world, Jinpei Electronics is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers. We now have quantity of quality pcb design for sale, you can rest assured to buy it with our company at a competitive price.


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