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  • 12-23-2021

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in 2022

    Jinpei | vacation schedule in 2022New Year: 2022.01.01-03Spring Festival: 2022.01.27-02.08Tomb Sweeping Day: 2022.04.03-05Labour Day: 2022.04.30-04Dragon Boat Festival: 2022.06.03-05Mid-Autumn Festival: 2022.09.10-12National Day: 2022.10.01-07

  • 03-19-2021

    Munich Electronic Equipment Fair 2021 In Shanghai

    Tomb-sweeping Day is an ancient festival In Chian.It is not only a solemn festival to sweep tombs and pay respects to ancestors,but also a joyful festival for people to get close to nature, Being go for an outing and enjoy the fun of spring.Therefore We're going to spend a short vacation from 4 Apri

  • 02-08-2021

    Power Battery Enterprise Competition Intensifies

    Since this year, the new energy vehicle industry has continued to pick up, and the power battery industry has begun to expand on a large scale.On the evening of February 2, Ningde Times announced that it plans to invest a total of 29 billion yuan in the construction of three production bases in Zhao

  • 11-30-2020

    Murata Closed Its Longgang Factory In Shenzhen

    On November 26, according to industry information, dachang Murata, a manufacturer of passive components, has announced the closure of Saitama's Wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenglong Dongguang Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenglong Dongguang"), which is located in Longgan

  • 11-04-2020

    Tianwen Detector One

    At 22:00 on October 28, under the control of the flight control team of China's first Mars exploration mission, eight 25N engines of tianwen-1 spacecraft ignited at the same time, successfully completed the third orbit correction, and calibrated the actual performance of the 25N engine in orbit. The

  • 10-12-2020

    5G Lifestyle Changes

    Uncover 5 G 5G just 4 G after the next generation mobile phone network. The connectivity of the new generation ensures higher connection speed and response time (delay). and it will be more reliable than the frustrating 4 G network that many consumers complain about. With 5 G, users will enjoy 5-10

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