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Screw Terminal Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors CD13H

Jinpei as a professional high ripple current-screw electrolytic capacitor manufacturers and over 30years of screw electrolytic capacitor experience, has always been committed to the capacitor field of high and new technology R&D, Jinpei actively contact clients in different areas, involved in instrument, LED, audio, power supply, electronic toys, security, digital camera, microelectronics, oil drilling, solar energy, new energy vehicles, communications, military spaceflight etc.

 High Ripple Current-Screw Electrolytic Capacitor Manufacturers

Operating temperature range(℃):-40~+105 ;-25~+105

Rated voltage range(25℃,120Hz):0~100;160~400 

Capacitance tolerance(25℃,120Hz):±20%      

Leakage current(µA):0.02CV or 5mA,Whichever 

is smaller.(at 25℃,after 5 minutes)

Dissipation factor(25℃,120Hz) :Less than the 

value in the standard ratings table

Temperature stability(120Hz) :   

Screw Terminal Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors CD13H

Capacitance change: 

10-100WV: Capacitance at -40℃shall not be less than 60% of the 25℃ value

160-400WV: Capacitance at -25℃shall not be less than 70% of the 25℃ value

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