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smd aluminum electrolytic capacitors

  • Snap-in Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors CD296

    Contact Now Snap-in Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors CD296 In the applications of rectifier power frequency filtering, the snap - in electrolytic capacitor due to its large capacity, high pressure and has an irreplaceable position.In power frequency rectifier filter applications, as a consumer, should pay attention to the snap - in electrolytic capacitr what about the performance?

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Long Life 8000Hours CD11GA

    Contact Now Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Long Life 8000Hours CD11GA Among various kinds of capacitors, but the aluminum electrolytic capacitor life problems.Usually of aluminium electrolytic capacitor life throughout the evaluation is based on the electric capacity drops below 80% of the rated (initial value), the electric capacity first is the direct cause of aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrodes of the actual area is reduced.Among them, the anode area in use process is not likely to reduce, reduce is the cathode.Cathode by the electrolyte is the actual size of the warranty, if the electrolyte due to volatile reduce will cause actual area of the cathode.So you can think because the end of the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrolyte waving hair, then what are the reasons cause the volatilization of the electrolyte?

  • Radial Tantalum Capacitors CA42

    Contact Now Radial Tantalum Capacitors CA42 Radial Tantalum Capacitors CA42 ● CA42 Series are epoxy-coated solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors are encapsulated with flame-retardant yellow epoxy powder,marked with laser. ● CA42 meets and exceeds the requirements of IEC Specification 384–15-3, IECQ Speci- fication QC300201/US0003 and...