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What Will The Future Of 5G Look Like
Feb 01, 2019


Yesterday was the United States department of justice notice refresh.

There are so many hot events related to 5G recently that you can't even count the fingers apart :...(500 words are omitted here);AT&T was sued by Verizon Diss for "5GE" on the phone;Zte gets through the world's first 5G phone;China issues pre-commercial 5G licenses...

What will the future of 5G look like?Will it suffer as much as 3G?

The year 2019 is the first year of 5G development, ren zhengfei said in an interview with media on January 17, 5G has actually been exaggerated its role, and more people have exaggerated the achievements of huawei...In fact, there is no such urgent need for 5G in human society now...Don't imagine 5G as a wave, the tide is coming, the wealth is coming, hurry up, catch it, miss it. The development of 5G must be slow.

After seeing ren zhengfei's remarks, netizen tielu wrote a sharp article entitled "stop boasting about 5G", whose core point is that 5G just looks good and neither Chinese nor American operators are interested in it.

What will the future of 5G look like?Will it suffer as much as 3G?

Ren zhengfei is a straightforward man with a story: in 2006, oil price was extremely high. The chairman of a big operator in oil-producing Russia came to visit and he was full of confidence to expand globally.Then came the 2007 financial crisis, which fulfilled his words.

Develop on 5 g boss said not so fast, is said on the 5 g developed innovative business (such as AIoT, intelligent manufacturing, unmanned, etc.) not so fast, may be it will take quite a long time. Ding Yun and yu in the conference's message is: technology is the basic of 5 g used as a bearing means to OK, people can use the 5 g phone right away. Both are not contradictory.

Looking back on the years of 3G suffering is also very worthwhile, because 3G gave birth to smart phones and mobile Internet, brought a revolution in the way of human communication.On the other hand, the application of the superstructure creates great social value, just like the high-speed railway.

"Don't blow the 5 g," the article says that because the operators are not interested in 5 g, so the government some trump to construction by the state. The veterans understand just the opposite: the government proposed to do so, precisely because of 5 g could stimulate the innovation of the business is extremely important, so proposal like highway system to build a continuous coverage of 5 g. Note that the innovation ability is very strong, very successful on 3 g / 4 g, such as apple/Android/Facebook/twitter/uber/realityStrategic and far-sighted officials in the United States should realize that once the innovative business based on 5G succeeds, it is bound to reshape the industry, and may even overtake the car on a curve, just as apple has disrupted traditional mobile phone giants before.

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