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Trillion AI Market
Feb 03, 2018


In 2016, it was hailed as the first year of artificial intelligence,rtificial intelligence first appeared in our government work report.Artificial intelligence is thought to leverage the trillion-dollar market, so will 2017 be the first year of the year?What are the challenges for AI's future development?

During the 89th session of China's electronics, hkust xunfei qing-feng liu, chairman of the "CITE2017 artificial intelligence industry development peak BBS" in his speech said: "if we define is artificial intelligence of the first year of China in 2016, 2017 should be landing in artificial intelligence applications."For this, zhang baofeng, the head of huawei consumer BG's intelligent engineering department, also agreed with liu qingfeng that 2017 should be the first year of artificial intelligence industrialization。

The research institute's report predicts that by 2018, China's artificial intelligence market will be over 40.6 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 25.8%.Wu jihong, a visiting professor and postgraduate tutor at Peking University, also introduced the law of the growth of AI industrialization and the value elements of AI from technology to commercial ecosystem.

Wu Ji rainbow professor found the world's top investment institutions and strategic agency determine whether an industry outbreak will analyze two very important data, one is a patent, the other one is patent litigation.Patents are the result of innovation and innovation, and if patent litigation keeps growing, it means that people can make money on technology, so the two figures are crucial.

Wu Ji rainbow professor's study found that the AI from technology to business should have at least eight essential elements, including: open source technology platform, the core technology to create, open technology, technical operation, system application solutions, business applications, users of the system used, scene to dynamic data.

What does the AI leader who is about to fall do?

McKinsey's latest report, global 500000 large enterprises, with only 87 belongs to pure AI enterprise (enterprise development strategy is based on AI driver), this means that the AI industrial chain in a pyramid spire is only minority enterprise, another 494 though not AI company, but have also started to create AI core business for the future, as shown in the figure below.Among them, the creators of AI core technology include the familiar Google, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, hkust, huawei, etc.

For the coming artificial intelligence, liu qingfeng, chairman of the company, believes that there are four important things, the first is to adhere to the source technology innovation;The second is to establish standards and norms around the source technology innovation so that innovative entrepreneurs in various fields can innovate and start their own businesses on the same platform and on the same basis.Thirdly, artificial intelligence needs to create real industrial ecology.Fourth, we need supporting laws and moral and cultural guidance.

2.jpgQing-feng liu also share the xunfei super brain program at hkust, he said: "xunfei super brain plan issued by the ministry of science and technology are the first Chinese major projects of artificial intelligence, called class answer robotics, goal is to let the machine pass the college entrance examination to college, and even can be admitted to tsinghua university and Peking University and the university such schools."Through the superbrain program, they want to do three key things, including human-computer interaction, knowledge management and the ability to turn speech into structured content reasoning and learning.According to the introduction, in the speech synthesis competition, the university of science and technology is already the world's top level.

Intel global data center Chen Baoli said, general manager of the sales products and technology, the development of AI impetus has three key: one is the calculation of force a breakthrough, the second is the data deluge, and the third point is the innovation of the algorithm.With the advent of the data deluge, the computing power of AI will increase by 12 times from 2016 to 2020, and this will drive innovation in the data center.So Intel introduced the overall AI program and product portfolio from hardware and framework to tools.

Chen Baoli also said: "last year we in artificial intelligence with hkust xunfei made a depth of cooperation, together on Intel's latest technology can improve the accuracy of the hkust xunfei sound technology.In addition, Intel also cooperated with companies such as tencent and huarong gene to solve social problems through artificial intelligence algorithm in the future or cooperation through contact with hai kangwei.