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Since 2017. September, The Price Of MLCC Has Skyrocketed
Nov 22, 2017

multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor picture.jpg

According to people familiar with the matter to the semiconductor industry watch that MLCC blooms in the past two months, 5 yuan/K of products in the past, now offer has breached 50 yuan/K, even so is still in short supply on the market.Although the promised capacity of the original plant has not been improved, the upstream wafer shortage is also a given fact.But the sudden burst of price increases can't stand people, and even some chanted it was a "human disaster" and what's behind it?Let's explore the truth behind it.

MLCC is short for multi-layer Ceramic Chip Capacitor.Because of its advantages such as chip, small volume, SMT's direct adhesion and fast production speed, MLCC has been favored in the pursuit of miniaturized consumer electronics (especially mobile phones) in recent years.

According to public data, the Japanese and south Korean manufacturers, represented by the village and samsung motors, have almost monopolized the MLCC market, with Japanese businessman tsui murata as the biggest player in MLCC.We can see from the market revenue that the market share of apple's suppliers in MLCC is the highest in the world.According to the data, its market share is as high as 29 percent, especially the products packaged in 0402, the village field is a few unbeatable in the industry.According to the statistics of foreign media, the iPhone 6P has more than 1,300 parts, and more than 400 of them are 0402 MLCC.This can see the influence of village field in this area.

Second in the list was South Korea's samsung motor, which relies on a blood transfusion from samsung's consumer electronics, which has a 19% share of the MLCC market, followed by Murata.

MLCCs picture.jpgThe sun is the world's third largest supplier of MLCC, with 13 per cent of MLCC shipments, based in Tokyo, Japan.Taiwan's giants are also the world's third-biggest MLCC suppliers, with a 13% share of the market.TDK is also one of the suppliers of MLCC.

The figures may not be accurate, but they certainly hold the MLCC market.Although China's FENG HUA and JINPEI electronics company in advance, but China's MLCC for synthesis of raw materials, packaging, production line and precision equipment, with Japan and South Korea have certain gap, resulting in the domestic MLCC, especially in the small size of the product such as advanced $0201, compared with foreign advanced fall on lee.

It is a "natural disaster" and a "man-made disaster".

Since the beginning of this year, MLCC suppliers have been raising prices, but the price increases range from 15% to 30%. The main reasons behind this are many aspects, first of all, the changes of upstream suppliers in the industry:

In the middle of last year, TDK announced its withdrawal from the general MLCC, which accounted for 9% of its suppliers and brought the first hammer to the market.The samsung Note 7 exploded, delaying the production and delivery of SEMCO in South Korea, the second hammer.There is also the heat of the new energy, the huge profit that attracts the manufacturers to go that way, the weak MLCC becomes their chicken ribs, this is the third hammer.Coupled with the lack of such causes, MLCC reached an all-time high.

From the point of view of the supplier, the transformation of product design also increases the supply of MLCC.

The smart phone is undoubtedly the biggest market for MLCC, especially the "thin" design of the phone, plus the addition of battery, and the addition of more functions, which reduces the space of the cell phone motherboard.This makes for a more demanding requirement on the size of components.According to the editor, the current mobile phones are mainly used in the size of 0402 and 0201 ceramic capacitors, especially apple and huawei, which are the consumption of these size MLCC.According to people familiar with the matter, the two manufacturers and the factory foxconn have been asking for production capacity from the village, and given the large shipments of the two suppliers, there is no reason not to agree.Because murata itself said last year that the production line expansion did not go into production, it caused an increase in shortages in the MLCC market.

mlcc picture.jpgThe motherboard of apple's iPhone X

The above said is "natural", you can not overcome the objective factors, such as your shipments, if large enough, you can go to factory to goods, but not every brand is huawei, so this is inevitable.But here's the thing.According to people familiar with the matter to the semiconductor industry observation revealed that the MLCC market out of stock now, but the fact is that many traders or supplier is available, he said, some agents and traders are alliances, joint pressure goods, taken advantage of the bounty, that the main reason is the wave of MLCC jump.

From the perspective of the distribution of components, foreign original factory will product delivery to the relevant agency, and terminal manufacturers or trade chamber of commerce, cargo agents and agents has become a source of key.

But according to the semiconductor industry observation, now a manufacturer of the agent joint product manager, pressure MLCC's supply, create the phenomenon of shortage, then price the price, then sell.This undoubtedly increased the supply of MLCC.Observation of the semiconductor industry, people familiar with the matter said, as far as he knew, huaqiang north several traders hands are holding up cheap had thousands of MLCC, absorbing the value of each on the sidelines, up for grabs.This, by the way, is the means by which many traders in China have made their fortune.Many of the terminals with urgent orders are forced to pay high prices due to customer pressure.

A variety of reasons can lead to the MLCC market to today's inflation.

The implications of the inflationary chain reaction

The price of raw materials and artificial prices, which bring the price of products, is the normal economic law, which can be understood and accepted.But human intervention prices can have very negative effects on the industry.

For most of China's electronic terminals, the operating model is basically thin profit.Especially in the shenzhen market, for most of the so-called shanzhai small factories, the killing price is basically their competitive normal.If the cost of the product has suddenly changed, it could be a disaster for them.According to the semiconductor industry insight, some factories in shenzhen because raw material soare, led to the shutdown, but for those companies, the impact should be minimal, because for them, don't carry goods price may arise.From the perspective of the semiconductor industry, this unhealthy phenomenon can even inhibit the innovation and development of the industry.