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The Origin Of Capacitors
Oct 02, 2016

Leiden bottle is invented by Holland physicist Mason 
(p.V.musschenbrock,1696-1761) in 1745-1746. Mason Block isfrom Holland Leiden, so the Leiden bottle is famous for this.The bottle is a that time, it often appeared such a phenomenon: the elec-tricity which was not easy to get disappeared gradually. in order to find a method to save electricity, Mason Block tried to store the electric energy in the water bottle. He suspended their on bar in the air with two wires, connected with the motor, and then used a copper from iron extraction to immerse in a glass bottle filled with water to start the experiment. He asked one of his assistant to hold the glass bottle, and he shaked the motor vigorously, at this time, his assistant touched the iron bar acci-dentally, he suddenly felt a strong blow and all of his body shivered. So Mason Block and his assistant exchanged their position. he asked his assistant to shake the motor and he hold the bottle and touched the iron bar with his right hand, at this time he also had a unspeakable horri-ble feeling, just like hit by the thunder. He got a conclusion from this: it can save the electricity by placing the charged body in the glass bottle. But it was not clear that it was the bottle or the water to preserve the electricitysoon, the Leiden bottle was improved. It affixed with metal foil on the inner wall and outer wall and fixed a metal bar on the top cap which connected with a metal ball. on the top and connect-ed with the inner wall in the bottom through the metal chain. So the Leiden bottle was a capaci-tor in fact. If connect its outer wall to the ground, and the metal ball connected with the source of the charged body so that the charge accumulate in the inner and outer wall.when the Leiden bottle discharge, it can pass a large current.

The invention of Leiden bottle offered a method to stock electricity and provided a powerfulmeans for the further study of electric phenomenon.

it played an important role for the development of electric knowledge. In the year of Leiden bottle’s invention, a british famous physicist named collinson sent a Leiden bottle to Benjiamin Franklin(B Flanklin, 1706-1790) and introduced the method of use. so the Leiden bottle can bring current spread to North America quickly. Franklin was very interested in this and did a series of experiment and analyses for Leiden bottle.