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The New Data Protection Cryptography Algorithm Research Project To Deal With The Post-quantum Era Threat
Nov 24, 2017


As quantum computing continues to break through, a big jump in computing power will bring new challenges to cyber security -- and many encryption algorithms will become rather vulnerable.How to deal with the "violent decryption" of data by quantum computing in the future?The current mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and Internet of things are rapidly converging. How do you respond to new challenges posed by the ability of cryptographic algorithms?

Recently, in response to the attack threat quantum computing, mobile Internet, cloud computing in areas such as data fusion trust security challenges, the only national "cyberspace security" key special password algorithm project "new data protection password algorithm research" project start in chengdu.

Led by institute of China electronics technology group co., LTD. 30 of the project, through the innovation theory of password, new password technology system, design a new cryptographic algorithms, etc., for our country to establish the new system password algorithm, formation of cyberspace security password core technology.

Prepare for the "post-quantum age" subversive threat

"The algorithm is a state heavy device.The disruptive technology of the post-quantum era is pushing the design and application of cryptographic algorithms to a new level.Project expert advisory committee, member of Chinese academy of engineering team leader choi said kogi were, the start of the project will drive password algorithm design and application of leap-forward development, to respond effectively to the quantum computing and security challenges brought by the new attack technology, solve the entrusted programmable password practical problems in computing service, guarantee the data security protection of open integration environment ability.

"Quantum computing technology rapid development of the password techniques with great threats and challenges, as soon as practical quantum computing, will lead to public key cryptosystem based on discrete logarithm and integer factorization was fast break, means that the current use of network information system is no longer safe.To counter this threat, the United States and Europe have begun standardizing the encryption algorithms for quantum computing attacks.Project participants, software institute of Chinese academy of sciences, vice general Zhang Zhenfeng said that the project will be carried out in our country quantum computing attack resistance of symmetric and asymmetric cipher algorithm system and independent working draft standard, quantum security model is established and the reduction method, breakthrough of quantum algorithm design and the theory of complexity analysis of technical bottleneck.

20140227121256e6ea7.jpgIn accordance with the de

ployment, the future of the project will be calculated from the communications security, security, storage, security, key establishment and authentication, password resources to protect the safety of five dimensions to establish open network environment, focus on cloud computing, Internet of things under complicated environment coordination communication and processing of security requirements, and quantum computing technology development pose a new threat to the security of the password.Among them, the two key scientific issues to be solved include "componentized variable password algorithm design and security evaluation" and "cryptographic programmable data security storage and calculation".

"The above two problems are the on-site reconfigurable of the basic components and customized requirements of the user through the password transformation, which can realize the dynamic variable and security control of the cryptographic algorithm.Control ciphertext operation and information acquisition through ciphertext programming instruction to realize transparent processing of ciphertext data."Said zhang.

The challenge is to integrate the data credibly with the "escort escort".

At the same time, a series of studies will be carried out on the new challenges to the ability of the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of things.

"With cloud computing, big data and other new computing and service model, the user will lose control data and privacy protection credible ability, this greatly need encryption technology and processing functions."Zhang Zhenfeng said that the project will conduct ciphertext programmable computing and storage the password techniques, both to ensure that the data is encrypted protection, and ensure the data processing ability, establish the whole state data protection method.

"The Internet of things is confronted with the security challenges of node resources, volume, power consumption constraints and network size and complexity, and has great connectivity, heterogeneous data and time-delay complex features.This brings new requirements to the application environment and design requirements of cryptographic algorithms.He said the project will carry out lightweight cryptographic algorithms and protocol research to design a cryptographic scheme for the Internet of things.