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The Fourth World Internet Conference
Dec 04, 2017

On December 3, the fourth world Internet conference officially opened today.The theme of this session is "developing the digital economy to promote openness and sharing - to build a community of Shared future in cyberspace".From the world 1500 guests in zhejiang wuzhen, at the same time, more than 400 well-known Internet companies and innovative enterprise, in the light of the "Internet" expo presents the latest cutting-edge technology and the trend of development.Alibaba group chairman jack ma, baidu chairman, CEO robin li, tencent chairman and chief executive officer ma huateng attended and spoke.

Mr. Li: the Internet has no demographic dividend but there is a tech dividend

Li believes that artificial intelligence will become the main driving force for the development of digital economy.


In his speech, li provided a set of data: over the past four years, Internet users in China have been growing at a slower rate than China's GDP, which means that the Internet's demographic dividend is gone.

At last year's world Internet conference, li said in his speech that the mobile Internet era was about to become a technology.To this, li said in a speech today, the disappearance of demographic dividend is its think the cause of the wireless Internet era is over, "said last year many people don't agree with, but the second half started."

Despite the demographic dividend has ended, but li believes that Internet users, Internet time, the increasing the amount of information on the net of it pushes the continuous rapid development of Internet industry promoters of artificial intelligent technology progress, therefore, the "demographic dividend without the dividend and technology, represented by artificial intelligence technology innovation will continue to promote the development of the digital economy."

According to li, the power of the digital economy in the future is artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence has a big characteristic compared with past Internet technology, which is the ability to integrate vertically.He takes baidu's Apollo platform as an example, and based on autonomous driving technology, Apollo can make the industrial chain upstream and downstream different companies and even different industries participate in it, and many fields will benefit from it.Based on this, li believes that the development of artificial intelligence technology will promote the continuous improvement of technology and society.

Li is very excited by ai technology, he says, and we are living in a very great age because we are experiencing a technological change that is comparable to the industrial revolution.

Jack ma: fear that machines threaten people not to embrace technology to solve new problems


Ma is the fourth world conference on the Internet, talk about feelings, he said, "in the fourth year of wuzhen world conference on the Internet, I come every year, the year is here to share the experience of thinking, thinking, go back to have annual earnings."

In the past 20 years, he said, the Internet has been from scratch and over the next 30 years, the Internet has gone from there to nothing.The Internet is going deeper than any technological revolution in the future.In the future, the Internet will no longer be the Internet of Internet companies, it will be the Internet of all people, no one is everywhere, no one can leave the Internet, and worry about it.

Mr Ma said he was worried that machines would threaten people and that technology would take away much of the work, rather than embrace technology and solve new problems. "machines will make people's jobs more valuable and more dignified," he said.People have souls, beliefs and values, and confidence can control machines."

Ma believes that a new era will face new problems, human only become the new community, become a community of fate to face, not a container, but small express, not Made In China or Made In America, but is Made In the Internet, is not a B2C, but C2B.Today's problem is not the result of globalisation, but the incomplete nature of globalisation, which in the past has been 20 per cent and the future must be 80 per cent.Today's Internet companies are the darlings of The Times and have never had such an opportunity before.

Mr. Ma said he would earn respect by acting, sharing and benefiting.It is impossible for any country to solve all its problems, but only if it can be united.

Ma finally said that we should embrace technology and go into new sharing, inclusive and green era. Only in this way can human society be more durable and healthy.

Pony ma: Chinese companies need to be drivers and contributors to new technologies

Speaking at the plenary session of the world Internet conference, ma said the digital economy has become the fastest growing, most innovative and most extensive economic activity.Seven of the world's ten largest companies by market capitalisation are technology companies.Ma huateng believes that the more you are at such a time, the more you should be aware of your responsibilities.He elaborates on the three aspects of innovation, energy and governance.


In the face of a new global industrial revolution, Chinese companies need to take on more of the role of technical contributors and drivers."We are opening up the latest technology to businesses through tencent's cloud," ma said.Promote the development of cultural and creative industries through content opening platform.In the future, more technology and cultural products will go to the world through the digital silk road.

Over the past year, tencent has been investing in new technology and has achieved results in several areas.Tencent set up the company's corporate AI Lab and set up its first overseas laboratory in Seattle, us.Released tencent tencent find shadow, combination of AI and large data capacity, let the machine to screening and medical image analysis, so as to assist doctors diagnose, has now to build artificial intelligence and the domestic more than a dozen 3 armour hospital medical joint laboratory and to cooperate.

The digital economy and the real economy show the convergence trend. Tencent has promoted the digital economy through the open digital technology."We need a smart connection to help all industries achieve digital transformation and upgrading, so that all walks of life can eventually use artificial intelligence to handle big data in the cloud," Mr Ma said.Especially in the manufacturing industry, we need to promote the integration of hardware, software and services through the Internet plus advanced manufacturing.

The car code launched by tencent and the public transport department has become a typical example of digital technology in traditional industries.Tencent rides code has been in hefei, guangzhou, chongqing and other 12 cities fall to the ground, the user through the phone WeChat small program to generate qr code, can save time queuing to buy tickets, directly in front of the gate code through, to take bus or subway.In the future, the vehicle code can also help the traffic department to realize real-name functions, further promote the safety of travel.

Today, the number of internet-based platform to play the role of the new infrastructure, Internet companies need to contribute technology solutions, to better participate in social governance, build up "cyberspace" community of destiny.Ma said: "the present" community of destiny "in all kinds of new problems, involving the legal, ethical, technology, culture and other aspects, not by any company or organization can can completely solve and deal with, need to governments, industry partners and the social from all walks of life together to explore, to build and work."

On the protection of minors, tencent this year launched a "growth guard platform" to help parents understand and monitor the game behavior of minors' children.At present, the platform has covered more than 200 game products from tencent, which is a pioneer in the whole industry.In addition, tencent is also actively working with professional institutions to promote the relevant theoretical research on the health protection of minors.

At the end of the speech, ma huateng again expressed the determination of tencent to fulfill its responsibilities.He said "cyberspace" community of destiny depends on the build of society and work, "I hope, tencent to assume more responsibility, become China's" Chinese power "and" solution "part of the 'cyberspace' fate community to build and to rule, makes a bigger contribution."