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The Development Of Artificial Intelligence Technology In China
Oct 07, 2017

01.jpgArtificial intelligence will reshape the economic activities such as production, distribution, exchange and consumption of each link, to inspire in all areas of intelligent new requirements, which gave rise to new technologies, new products, new industries and new forms, new model, reconstruct industrial chain and value chain, become a new round of industry change the core driving force.Intelligent fusion with traditional industries, promote industry development level of labor productivity, drive more technological innovation, subversion of the existing business model, and improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, the following is the xian set small make up to simple explain to you!

In the c-terminal market, the most popular use of artificial intelligence is the Internet and consumer electronics.In the field of Internet entertainment, various App applications based on facial recognition technology are showing the trend of explosion.Live the picture show, Chinese prickly ash, century better edge entertainment applications, such as by calling the API interface technology, face recognition in real time or delay of face image with special effects, greatly enhanced entertainment effect and the user experience, improve the user viscosity and loyalty.At the same time, in the field of Internet authentication, face identification are also expanding rapidly, novice station, China auto rental and all kinds of Internet financial products, have been using facial recognition to a remote authentication, provides a more efficient and transparent Internet services.

Smart speakers, it's not easy to love you.As the largest air outlet in the field of smart home, almost all manufacturers are involved in the melee.There are three reasons for this.First, the cost of hardware drops, pulling down to the threshold.Represented by guangdong province, it is one of the most mature areas of China's audio industry, has the world's largest audio production base, the scope of no more than a street will soon be able to assemble a stereo.Second, the blue sea market, the imagination space is big.Intelligent sound is different from the traditional intelligent household equipment such as air conditioning, television, refrigerator, belongs to the emerging of small home appliance products, bigger market space, for the portable mobile characteristic, broader consumer.Thirdly, speech recognition technology is the most mature technology module in artificial intelligence.Any hardware vendor, in China, works with voice recognition companies to join the cloud API interface without the need for additional software development that can be packaged into a smart audio product.

02.jpgIn addition, 2017 will be the most competitive year for smart speakers, with more than 100 products expected.The business model is basically a speech recognition as the entry, through the market bundle information, advertising, radio and other media content personalized push.Intelligent sound market in the future is still worth looking forward to, the user habit will experience the impact of the mass product type, and excellent products, after the ebb tide, can really enjoy the blue ocean in emerging markets.

Application of the application of B terminal, the intelligent application of medical, finance, manufacturing and other traditional fields is deepening.In the medical field, in recent years, artificial intelligence technology has been applied in the fields of medical knowledge mapping, electronic medical record analysis and medical image recognition.Some achievements have been made in improving diagnostic accuracy, lowering the cost of diagnosis and treatment, and improving the supply of medical resources.The field not only has IBM, Microsoft, GuGe, baidu and other large enterprise layout, but also a large number of innovative technology enterprises.

Intelligent auxiliary consultation will help solve the problem of uneven medical resources in China.According to the national bureau of statistics, there were 58 health technicians in China in 2015, with a huge gap.The world health organization predicts that by 2050, 35 percent of China's population will be over 60 years old, making it the most senior country in the world.

Intelligent auxiliary diagnosis will effectively improve the diagnostic accuracy of Chinese medical industry and reduce the cost of diagnosis and treatment.Experts from the university of west China medical university in sichuan province show that even with the rapid development of diagnostic techniques, domestic clinical misdiagnosis rates are still around 30 percent, and some cancers and malignant tumors have a 40 percent misdiagnosis rate.The application of artificial intelligence is improving this situation.Through large data for clinical medical self confrontation training day and night, intelligent auxiliary diagnosis system has been made above the levels of human professor, tuberculosis, for example, senior director of the physician diagnosis accuracy is usually about 70%, and the national university of defense technology and development of a set of intelligent auxiliary diagnosis system can reach above 90%.