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The Depth Of Thinking Behind The MLCC Out Of Stock
Mar 11, 2017

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2017 in the first quarter of the global chip multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) supply, at present, the part of the vendor delivery has extended 2-4 weeks, the supply and demand gap of 5%.Plus 8 in the second quarter of the apple iPhone has been started in advance the stock up period, MLCC global the first camp of the Japanese giant apple to fully support a new generation of products, further compression of apple is MLCC supply capacity, the current global MLCC has entered the stage of material out of stock.

Have distributors, now really is by customers after the goods, although less than big boss becomes personally take goods, if the demand of information to orders for 100%, can only meet the needs of 95%, about delivery has extended 2-4 weeks.And, more importantly, there is no brand mobile phone delivery peak into the mainland, the market is so tight, if the new generation of apple iPhone8 mechanism in advance to the second quarter is ready for the start, then, the manufacturer will all turn to apple, raise the supply capacity of MLCC.

IPhone8 stock up period must be at least half a year, and the wave number is very large, at least hundreds of millions, and each big MLCC manufacturers there seems to be no new production plan, factory only enlarge vehicle capacity, whether apple's stock up period, which leads to gap between supply and demand of the parties has been prepared for.

Taiwan factory the giant, MLCC production line grain rate more than 90%, supply tight little stage.Another supplier HuaXinKe also said that the first quarter capacity in a high state.

MLCC why out of stock?

In the middle of last year, Japanese companies TDK sent a letter to the customer, said MLCC will exit the general type, and has published a notice to the client delivery will be extended to two months.In addition, TDK also require customer find another supplier.TDK as 5 companies in the world, about 7% of global market share.

Because of market supply tends gradually saturated, and customer needs change, a lot of MLCC manufacturers are in the adjustment of product direction, toward miniaturization and RF components into related fields.TDK retired from plain MLCC market, part of a factory the giant, HuaXinKe, grain and began to gradually turn a single effect.

In addition, samsung mobile phone explosion, began to strengthen product control, lead to MLCC delivery elongated.

Last year, the new samsung flagship Galaxy Note 7 for battery problem, resulting in a number of mobile phone explosion took place in the world.After the accident, the samsung group of increasingly strict quality control, samsung motor MLCC delivery elongated, result in the second half of 2016 the mainland MLCC short of 30%.

Apple's big four MLCC suppliers

Apple's big four is murata MLCC suppliers, kyocera, taiyo yuden, samsung motor.Among them, murata and samsung motor for the world's top two MLCC suppliers.

Murata: at present, the global MLCC mainly dominated by Japan and South Korea manufacturer, in which Japan Murata (Murata) is the world's largest MLCC manufacturers.It is reported that an iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone is equipped with about 1300 electronic components, about 700 is made in Japan.Among them, there are 400 possible by global MLCC boss murata manufacture subminiature MLCC (0402 size).In 2015, accounts for 37% of the murata MLCC in the global market, charting the throne.

The rise of samsung motors: samsung motors heavily rely on their own brothers samsung internal consumption.Since 2011, this tree back against samsung, coupled with its highly price advantage of miniaturization of high capacitance MLCC, samsung motor day lives.In 2015, samsung motors global MLCC has a 19% market share, second only to Japan murata.

Taiyo yuden: Japanese electronic components manufacturer, was founded in 1950, headquartered in Tokyo, has developed a famous That 's series of cd-r, presently mainly produces ceramic capacitor, ceramic resistor, cd-r, DVD, etc.In 2015, taiyo yuden in MLCC has a 12.5% market share, at the top of the world's third.

Kyocera: in 1959, initially for a technical ceramic manufacturer.In October 1982, the company by "Kyoto ceramic co., LTD" changed to "kyocera", presently for the global top 10 MLCC suppliers.

Taiwan MLCC manufacturers

Throughout the history of MLCC, after repeatedly shuffling, headed by murata, taiyo yuden, Japanese manufacturers still occupy the leading position, both market share and technological innovation, Japanese manufacturers have an advantage.

In murata MLCC market the most competitive and samsung, and other Japanese MLCC supplier market competitiveness in recent years gradually become weak, although the severe international competition, domestic MLCC manufacturers are also trying to expect to break.

At present, the department of Japanese and Korean manufacturers higher order route, lu Taiwan manufacturers are taking low order line.Although China is now the world's largest production base of MLCC, but local MLCC passive components manufacturer has not yet been breakthrough technology blockade, Japan and South Korea the manufacturer.

Mainland China manufacturers

Fenghua high-tech: domestic MLCC (chip multilayer ceramic capacitor) capacitance leading enterprises, the country's largest new passive components manufacturer, is also one of the eight chip components manufacturers in the world at the same time, key technologies with independent intellectual property rights and core products, have for computers, mobile phones, household appliances and other electronic machine form a complete set of integrated supply ability of mass production.

YuYang technology: YuYang is one of the country's largest MLCC manufacturers, since it was founded in 2001, has maintained rapid growth, by 2014, YuYang annual capacity more than one hundred billion pieces, in the domestic first.Relevant sources, if not the apple and samsung, YuYang at present, the market share in MLCC capacitor has accounted for 40-50%, the main customer is lenovo and zte.

Houju electronics: for military and civilian high-end capacitor famous supplier in the market, since since 2009 for five consecutive annual sales revenue among domestic military MLCC manufacturers. 

Jinpei electronics was founded in 2005, specializing in MLCC/multilayer ceramic chip capacitor research and development and production of the capcitor.

Yageo: Taiwan's first big passive components manufacturer, is also Taiwan's first listed yuan source component suppliers.Rohm, yageo is overtaking Japan companies to become the world's largest chip resistor manufacturers, and in the same year in July m&a global philips global ceramic components with magnetic material department, obtains the key process technology, passive components in the world leading companies provide services.

Huaxin science and technology, Taiwan's top three passive parts supplier, now owns

eight production base in the Asia Pacific.In 2010 new technology capacity market share for the fourth, the market share of the world's second resistance.

Grain and don, was established in June 1981.In 1999, set up production base in longtan, homemade multilayer ceramic capacitor production, creation of HEC has its own brand, become passive parts major suppliers.In 1993, grain and agency business hall into active components, become the high technology and high additional value Design - type IC parts in the circuit.Wo hall is currently the only covers the main Taiwan, passive dual pathways and diversified company with manufacturing factories.