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The Beijing-shanghai Line Is Accelerating Through The Development Of Quantum Communication
Sep 05, 2017


Learn from university of science and technology of China, the country "the beijing-shanghai line" quantum secret communication technology validation and application demonstration project acceptance review recently held in the school, the review panel to hear situation about project construction and acceptance subsystem and the inquiries and discuss that project has been completed the expected technical validation and application demonstration task, agreed to by the total technical acceptance.This means that the world's first quantum secure communications backbone has already been opened.

The beijing-shanghai line was approved by the national development and reform commission in July 2013, the China news network reported on September 4.Research and development team after nearly four years of research, break through the high speed quantum key distribution, high speed high efficiency single photon detection, reliable relay transmission and large-scale quantum network control, etc. Series of key technologies of engineering 


"The beijing-shanghai line" all at the end of 2016, set up the connection of Beijing, jinan, hefei, Shanghai quantum secret communication backbone of more than 2000 km circuit, the large scale quantum secret communication technology experiment, carried out remote hd quantum secret video conference system and Internet application research of other multimedia cross-domain, completed the remote or local data in the field of finance, government disaster system, financial institutions, such as data acquisition system to demonstrate the application.Click on the next page

According to the introduction, the "beijing-shanghai line" has been testing the application of each subsystem and the 720-hour long time stability test.The test results show that the technical performance indexes of the system meet the design requirements, and the total circuit key rate is greater than 20kbps, which can satisfy the user's key distribution business needs.

3.jpg"The beijing-shanghai line" Beijing access point also implements and "mozi" quantum science and prosperous experimental satellite ground station connection, all key rate greater than 5 KBPS, has formed the star to the integration of the wide-area network prototype quantum communication, greatly expanded the application ability "the beijing-shanghai line".

Experts point out that in the near future, "the beijing-shanghai line" will be real as a practical and commercial applications of quantum communication backbone network to open industries, such as the financial, electricity, radio, film and television, government affairs, for the majority of users provide will serve the security of the quantum level.