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Tantalum Capacitors Or Highlights
Sep 07, 2016

Into 2015, DIY power supply market trends become the topic of a lot of players. Power supplies on the market in the past year, 299 Yuan 500W gold medals power no doubt set off a wave of popularity, and high temperature, to maintain high quality power at rated output power also was welcomed. But in essence, whether it is 299 500W gold power supply, was able to maintain high quality power supply rated output power at a high temperature, their high quality and excellent quality, are inseparable from higher quality materials and design. Therefore foreseeable, in 2015, in addition to further deepen beyond gold power supply universal, entry-level power supply materials specifications will also be promoted.

ICE with high quality mini chassis, entered the market after winning the attention of consumers. ICE begins in the near future in the field of power punches, unveiled army grade tantalum capacitor tantalum power series, mainly targeting platform for entry-level and mainstream gaming platform game, to provide output power and better stability as a selling point, which is excellent value, with army regulations exceed the price of power play-style appearance, and mainstream gamers look.

Power series has now exposed ICE tantalum tantalum is 360 (power 400W) and tantalum 456 (power rating 500W) two paragraphs, which rated at 400W tantalum 360 for entry-level gaming platform, rated at 500W Ta-456 is mainstream-oriented gaming platform. They have adopted better catch grade tantalum capacitors, enhance the stability of power have a more prominent role, brought a more stable power supply output for game hardware platform, allowing players to dedicate to the game, far away from the power supply does not worry about stability of restart, crash, etc.