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Smart Home Why Not Fire Up
Apr 21, 2017


Smart home why not fire up, first of all we should analysis the root of the problem.

China's social status is very special,ability to accept things for emerging technologies or highest priority is

 what kind of person, must be the young generation

So, that what kind of people the biggest problem is that, "even house all have no, also smart home"

 hit the nail on the head, simple sentence, speaks of the social status quo, most gained recognition.Why now,

 intelligent household fire up, the private thought that the root cause is not many products or technical shortcomings, 

of course I don't think many points of view are wrong, just think of the deeper reason lies in the current domestic special situation, 

can accept the smart home, or interested in smart home is powerhouse, at present is mostly has no house of his own, that is to say,

 experience the smart home conditions is not mature enough.

Abroad in the development of smart home is faster than domestic, also is better than domestic, 

on the one hand, is the foundation for the development of the society itself condition is better,

 population-based better also, of course, on the other hand in artificial intelligence and other related

intelligent household technology is a leading some, but this does not mean that domestic smart home no basic

 condition and population development of smart home.

According to statistics, in 2016, has more than 4 million millionaires in China, China's net worth more 

than $1 million in more than 70 million the number of the middle class, this group is focused on the middle-aged generation after 60, 70,

 this part of the crowd in the market, completely enough to support the development of domestic intelligent household is very good, 

assuming this group to develop one over ten, can reach hundreds of billions of the market.But this kind of people have a more obvious 

characteristics is to accept new things, is not as easy as young generation, it needs time to develop, to open the market gap, after 80, 

become the life-blood of this part of the crowd, the development of the smart home will be more smoothly.

In fact, there are signs that the group has more and more interested in smart home, have a friend tells me, he said the first two years 

with his elder relatives said they are doing intelligent household, explained a lot, elder relatives or fog, I do not know the so-called,

 but now chat to do intelligent household, has gradually been recognized by identity and feel smart home is a good thing, industry is very promising.

As well as in intelligent household industry friends, a lot of people said intelligent household has grown to a point, in intelligent household industry

insiders have a sense of urgency, so are engaged in research and development and to improve product experience, feared he couldn't catch up with the

 outbreak of the smart home.

Why do so many pessimists appear, on the one hand, the development of the emerging things always don't lack negative people, another is

 for smart home lack of understanding, cognitive stay in some early hearsay, can never truly experience the use of household system function,

 to what extent to the development of technology has been understanding is not enough, only by subjective speculation to conclusions.

Like a lot of fun point is APP control too much trouble, use inconvenient, can take two steps off can also exercise, can take off pants break wind, 

but that's because you live in is a small family or even a single case, if it is a large family or a few floors family, go around a building to close

 all the equipment you will feel tired?And now there are many domestic can through voice control system of smart home, when you can talk to do one thing, 

you will never walk in the past, at present, the mobile control is a transitional phase.

Someone says now artificial intelligence can't think for itself, smart home should be without any instructions I know I what

 to do and help me to complete, all electrical appliances not drag the power cord, furniture appliances can clean itself,

 usually don't have to do, can only say that your request is more than the science level, has risen to the height of the fantasy.

Some even say the electric one, smart home is plastic, did you ever expect this smart home is to rely on the "dust" run?

Others say smart home industry is now a "circle money" the concept of the game, it is a strong word, most of the intelligent household enterprises 

is not only for the sake of money, everyone wants to develop a good product to make money, every industry development needs "circle money", 

don't you want all the industry is to do good?

Can, of course, there are still many people rational to the analysis of smart home, how should do to practical requirements, 

such as promotion and practical function, simplifying the use process, reduce the cost, etc., although it is true 

that the said now, intelligent household and there are many problems need to improve, but now is not to say that 

the smart home is really good for nothing, when you get home from work to lie on the sofa, want to pull the curtain

 open the window, if you can to control by mobile phones, will you still choose to leave for the window curtain?

Indeed now smart home are actually "intelligent", who did not have made it clear that my smart home is the real meaning of smart home,

 did not deliberately said to insult "smart" two words, but why still want to call intelligent household?This is because the smart home must 

go through such a development stage, the smart home if compared to a person, smart home is now at the preschool stage, each aspect 

development is not sound enough, but you can't deny that he is a man.