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Look At The Semiconductor Chip Industry From A Trade War
Apr 19, 2018

"Trade war" of China and the United States has been a stalemate, but really want to fight, not to say that the dozen dozen, because of the complexity of the sino-us relations is quite high, from 301 survey list can see, the two sides still tried to avoid a lot of their high dependence of trade projects, and both sides of the trade or actually complementary than competitive.

The frictions between China and the United States reflect the relative changes brought about by the relative changes of China and the United States. In order to cope with the change of this relationship, we need to make long-term strategic plans and plans.

Several of the items in the so-called "trade war" are particularly striking, and they do reflect deeper problems in China's economy.These are the problems we should pay attention to and pay attention to.Let's focus on the problem of semiconductor chips.

Problems with semiconductor chips.

The us "301 survey" also singled out China's "chip" industry for acquiring the intellectual property rights of foreign companies, as well as cross-border acquisitions.

The United States seems to be very interested in Chinese semiconductors.In a public report published in 2017, China has become a "threat" to key players in the global chip industry, and its various statements show a deeply ambivalent attitude.

On the one hand, reducing China's trade surplus with China is its main demand, and the United States wants China to import more.China is the world's largest consumer market for semiconductor chips and has long relied heavily on imports, and the trade deficit has continued to grow.On the other hand, the us is a jinx, unwilling to sell America's "high quality" semiconductor chips to China, and to prevent China from acquiring chip companies from other countries.

In addition, the United States does not want China to develop and upgrade itself.The us has a series of complaints about China's semiconductor policies in recent years, arguing that China's "national integrated circuit industry investment fund" "distorts the market and threatens the us semiconductor industry".The "301 survey" report directly named "made in China 2025", and semiconductor chips have become a major concern.

Behind semiconductor chips are companies and talent.

When it comes to the development of semiconductor chips, we first think of talents and enterprises.And silicon valley is a good example.One of the most important reasons for the success of silicon valley is the establishment of a whole set of good mechanisms for venture capital and industry-university-research cooperation and transformation.

According to statistics, a third of venture capital investment in America is in silicon valley;In addition, the government has a very good cooperative relationship with the industry, and is committed to actively cooperating with the construction projects that require government approval, trying to attract enterprises to enter and accelerate the process of entrepreneurship and development.Most importantly, constantly, perfect the legal procedures, and talent for the enterprise to build a good, legal sense of business and innovation environment, make the enterprise and talent can operate, benefits and value equivalence, and have no trouble back at home.

In China, although in recent years is also under a lot of kung fu in enterprises and talents, however, conducive to fair competition market environment remains to be perfect, and the "production" pattern did not achieve the desired effect in the practical operation, the proportion of China's scientific and technological achievements into realistic productivity is not high.

How to stimulate the talents, creativity, enterprise and talent, and the production of enterprises into practice and make the individual and society all benefit from, realize the economy in the development of science and technology innovation, transformation and upgrading, is the key to the future.