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Analysis Of The Reasons For The Increase In SMD Resistor
Jun 12, 2018


Since 2017, a series of electronic components appeared the phenomenon of out of stock, such as screen, flash drives, mobile phone chips, etc., in 2017, the stock price is still a main melody, some passive components also have rise in price.So, as one of the passive components of the patch resistance will be out of stock?

"In fact, patch resistors will be out of stock by the end of 2016.It was caused by the car and industrial markets, and then by distribution channels.Some manufacturers of patch resistors saw this coming two years ago when they began expanding capacity and optimizing some production lines, according to industry sources.

Insiders expect, SMD resistor market this year, the first half of the requirements are real demand according to the normal laws of ascension, but does not exclude the use of environmental pressure on the market, rising raw materials and other factors have speculation behavior, short-term market big norms product supply is tight.The next few years will be a period of rapid development. The major resistance manufacturers will focus on expanding the production capacity, improving the supporting capacity of products, improving the technical advantages of products and establishing a good brand image in the industry.

Industry insiders are optimistic about this year's resistance market, which is widely expected to perform better than last year.The patch resistors may be temporarily out of stock or the delivery period may be extended.

"Judging from the market conditions in the first to second quarters, there has been no shortage of resistors."The personage inside course of study says, because some manufacturers can't afford the original resistance and labor costs rose, have raised ex-factory price, this also caused a large number of all kinds of agent/sell on market order stock up to cope with the expected price increases, which leads to the factory in full capacity, the demand situation, but it does not represent the end customer demand growth.

The industry said that the current resistance in the asia-pacific market basic supply and demand balance, it is not expected to be out of stock.However, some manufacturers in mainland China are likely to be out of stock due to limited capacity due to local environmental control policies.People in the industry speak out that they will adjust their production capacity to meet the needs of existing customers when serving existing customers.