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Photovoltaic Module Installation Technique Can Increase Power Generation
Sep 28, 2017


The component should be facing the sun as far as possible, the maximum Angle and direction of radiation, the installation Angle is generally the local latitude plus 5 degrees, and the Angle of installation is usually a bit more than the south side.Inverters are just the opposite. Install the wall on the south side as far as possible. The inverter faces north and sunbathe less.

(1) the installation of the machine should be at an appropriate height to observe and read the display of the LED.

(2) when outdoor installation, the inverter should be equipped with rainproof sun protection, avoid direct sunlight and rain soak.The inverter is not directly exposed to the sun or other heat sources.

(3) have enough space to install and move inverters.There is a minimum of 50cm space distance around the 20KW inverter.30KW is the side entrance wind, the two sides should be left over 100cm space distance.

(4) it should have sufficient load bearing weight, which is more than one-and-a-half times the weight of the inverter.

(5) the inverter cooling air duct is downwind, the wind is up, the inverter is installed vertically, and horizontal installation or upside-down installation is strictly prohibited.

(6) inverter must be placed in a space that the air circulation, inverter is divided into forced air cooling and two kinds of natural cooling, the inverter itself is a source of heat, all the heat in a timely manner, and not in an enclosed space, otherwise the temperature will rise more and more high.