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Our Market Expanding Lead Type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Ceramic Capacitor Total 93%
Sep 07, 2016

Can be divided into single-layer ceramic capacitor ceramic capacitor, and lead type chip multilayer ceramic capacitors multilayer ceramic capacitors, due to the multilayer ceramic capacitors with low ESR, high voltage, high temperature, volumetric capacity and wide range of features such as filial piety, occupies in both cost and performance advantages, and raw materials is widely used, its market size accounted for 93% of the entire ceramic capacitors.

MLCC (Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors) is the abbreviation of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors. From printed electrodes (electrode) of the ceramic diaphragm to mangled stack up, after one-time high-temperature sintering ceramic chips, and then in the metal layer on the ends of the chip (external electrode), thus forming a monolith-like structure, it is also known as multilayer ceramic capacitors.

MLCC unless there are capacitors "skipped through" common characteristics, but also has small size, larger than the capacity, long life, high reliability, suitable for surface mounting and so on. As MCLL reliability and integration improved and used more widely, widely used in a variety of military and civilian use of electronic equipment and electronic devices, such as computers, telephones, program-controlled switches, precision test instrument.

China for ceramic capacitor of research production began Yu Shang century 80 generation medium-term, through introduced absorption abroad advanced technology, has accumulated has must of research and production capacity, became global ceramic capacitor production powers, but currently domestic ceramic capacitor production enterprise General exists equipment update not timely, and products grade partial low, and capacity insufficient, problem, industry of overall technology and abroad well-known Enterprise compared also exists must gap, especially key of raw materials formula and the process technology aspects, led to has big capacity, and Special properties such as high frequency and high Q high-end ceramic capacitor product domestic supply is far from meeting the needs of downstream users, mainly depends on imports.