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New Product Layer Ceramic Capacitor Support Vehicle, High Temperature Resistant X8R X8L Features (150 ℃ Temperature Guarantee)
May 01, 2017

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Can tolerate the harsh environment of high temperature, temperature of 150 ℃ to ensure AEC - Q200 standards

TDK corporation (President: graphite into straight) successfully greatly expanded support vehicle X8R and X8L characteristics of electrostatic capacity, and announced that it will from February 2017 to start production and sales.The products developed by even at 150 ℃ under the harsh temperature environment still has good reliability and temperature characteristic of the dielectric material, so as to realize the capacity expansion of the industry's top.

In recent years, the car driving in addition to the basic performance, in terms of comfort and security are increasingly pursue high performance and multi-function, automotive electronic equipment, electric made great progress.In addition, due to ensure that the car space, reduce the wiring harness, improve fuel efficiency, the purpose of the electronic control unit installed in the engine bay near the component such as mechanical and electrical integration is increasingly progress, thus requirements electronic components have past heat resistance, high reliability and high performance.

TDK in order to meet the market demand, to expand the existing capacity range of temperature of 150 ℃ to ensure X8R characteristics at the same time, the other will temperature of 150 ℃ to ensure X8L features new to join the lineup, reached a greatly expanded.Besides is mainly used for automobile engine compartment, the transmission of the tank car purpose, such as the industrial equipment of the power converter used smoothing circuit can also be used.

In addition, in order to meet the requirements of further improve the reliability, there are also applicable to the cracks which can effectively prevent substrate warp, thermal shock electrode welding crack resin series and special conductive adhesive series products.

The term

Products: resin electrode products, usually terminal electrode layer by copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), tin (Sn) of the three layers.Resin electrode products are copper and nickel layer sandwiched between a conductive resin layer 4 of the structure of the terminal electrode.

Special conductive adhesive: terminal electrode layer by copper (Cu) and silver palladium/Cu (Ag/Pd/Cu alloy composed of two layers structure, the electronic components installed in the car with binder under the environment of high temperature ceramic substrate used using MLCC.

Temperature characteristic

X8R (55 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃ temperature range: -, electrostatic capacity rate: + / - 15%)

X8L (55 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃ temperature range: -, electrostatic capacity rate: + 15, 40%)

The main application

Used in automobile engine compartment smoothing circuit and decoupling device

Used in industrial equipment smooth and decoupling of converter power supply device.