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New Concept Lithium Ion Microcapacitor
Jul 05, 2018

New concept lithium ion microcapacitor

Recently, the Chinese academy of sciences dalian compound Wu Zhongshuai researcher two-dimensional material and energy devices by the team member of team, and team, as well as the graduate school of tsinghua university in shenzhen yan-bing he associate professor cooperation, developed a high energy density, good flexibility, excellent high temperature stability and high integration of all solid state plane lithium ion tiny capacitors.

In recent years, wearable, portable electronic devices and mems is moving toward lightweight and multifunctional integration in the direction of rapid development, greatly promoted the modern society for high power density, high energy density, flexible, modular integration demand characteristics of the micro energy storage device.Traditional lithium-ion capacitors have attracted much attention because of their high energy density and high power density of supercapacitors.However, the device configuration of sandwich stack structure greatly limits its mechanical flexibility, high temperature performance and modular integration capability.

Recently, the research team took the lead in developing a new concept of all-solid-state flexible planar lithium ion microcapacitor internationally.The tiny capacitors with high conductive graphene for the collection of fluid, by the high voltage ion gel as electrolyte, nanometer lithium titanate as the cathode and activation graphene is positive to construct a high ion electron conduction plane intersect refers to the type of microelectrode, and then on a basal assemble all solid state lithium ion tiny capacitors.In addition, the lithium ion microcapacitor has good modularized integration capability and can effectively regulate the output working voltage and capacity without metal connector.Therefore, this work provides a new strategy for developing flexible, miniaturized and intelligent energy storage devices.