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MLCC Supply Continues To Be Urgent In 2018
Mar 06, 2018


Shenzhen YuYang technology development co., LTD., deputy general manager, marketing center, general manager, said Li Jing since this year, prices generally, large class capacitance MLCC prices soared, are some of the models of single MLCC price rise far more than expected, MLCC shortage of tide is expected by the end of 2018 will be the basic relief.

It also points out that there are three main aspects of the shortage:

1. The market demand for wireless charging of smart phones, because apple's latest iPhone leads to a sudden increase in wireless charging application, which is totally unexpected;

2. Expanded use of LED headlights in major automobile factories, which LED to the explosion of MLCC demand for LED lighting and headlights;
3. Due to the transfer of the high end MLCC products from the village field and the solar induction, the low-order and sub-high-end products are released, which also increases the market shortage and elongates the delivery cycle.

JINPEI electronics has also pointed out that 2018 multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) shortage of supply and demand for, and the new smartphone cargo momentum, high gross margin automotive electronics and industrial-grade MLCC products delivery proportion of ascension.In 2018 and said it would expand niche type multilayer ceramic chip capacitor capacity, about 10% to 15% range, expansion has its place and mainland China including Taiwan kaohsiung plant in suzhou factory, forecast model niche MLCC expansion effect can continue to the end of the year.

The trend that can be seen is that the raw materials needed by MLCC are not only secure, but the delivery date has been significantly elongated. The dielectric powder and other raw materials upstream of MLCC are quite fast, and the market supply and demand are still unbalanced.

Currently, with the market driven by wireless charging, rapid charging, and automotive LED lighting, the production capacity of MLCC factory is almost full.Original factory, however, it is clear that low technical threshold low margin products, even if in the delivery, for the company's revenue growth to a certain extent, but the long term, a lot to do in the products of low order gross margin is not high significance is not big.
According to the industry experience, in the first half of 2018, the market is off season. Dealers and traders are afraid to stock up on stock prices, and they will release goods to the market. The shortage of supply and demand will naturally ease.Although the original factory will not reduce the price and continue to be bullish, but the spot market reaction is not the same as the original factory, the price will go down, gradually digesting stock inventory, the market will gradually slow down.

From the point of market development, the future of PC/NB industry demand for MLCC only slight growth, market incremental or give priority to with smart phones, power management, car, at the same time in the outbreak of the Internet of things and the advent of 5 g, will put forward the new technical requirements and material requirements of MLCC, thus promoting technology and fine feed materials formula, an early close with the manufacturer's technical strength, not for the current shortage of the boom glamour, aimed at gross margin higher MLCC products, is the right thing to do