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Military Use Of Tantalum Capacitors
Oct 02, 2016

A chip/SMD tantalum capacitor is usually made up of a pellet if tantalummetal as anode, covered by insulating oxide layer that is in turn surrounded by a conductivematerial as a cathode. These objects are the main use of the element tantalum.

This capacitorseparates itself from other ones because it has a high capacitance per volume and weight.These capacitors have lower ESR, or equivalent series resistance, lower leakage levels, anda higher operating temperature than any other capacitor. Because of these characteristics, thechip/SMD tantalum capacitor is much more expensive compared to other capacitors.

Even though these are more expensive, there are many advantages to using chip/SMD tantalumcapacitors over other ones on the market. One such reason is that these capacitors have ahigher volumetric efficiency than any others on the market. Another reason these are oftenchosen over other capacitors is that they are easily mounted on most circuit board spaces, andthey have many superior frequency characteristics. A third reason why chip/SMD tantalum capacitors are often chosen over other ones are the fact that these are highly reliable because their electrical capacity doesn’t decrease over time. Also, unlike most aluminum electrolytic capacitors, can tolerate extraordinary heat. They are capable of withstanding up to 125 degrees, whereas other capacitors can’t surviv chip/SMD tantalum capacitors half of this tempera-ture.

Due to all the characteristics mentioned above and the fact that these are becoming more pop-ular in all aspects of electronics, chip/SMD tantalum capacitors have started being made small-er and more compact to assist in all projects. One of the most popular places that tantalumcapacitors are used are in cell phones. However, they can and are used in laptops computers,the circuitry of airbags in cars and trucks, as well

as pagers and an endless list of other popular electronic items. Most electronic devices that arefound at hospitals also have a tantalum capacitor in their electronic framework. As you can notice,it’s very important for all the items mentioned above to work as seamlessly as possible while being very efficient.

That’s why the small size and the incredible working ability of the tantalum capacitors are so important in these machines.

Chip/SMD tantalum capacitors are definitely changing the faces of electronics and capacitorsaround the globe, from the basic, cheap cell phone and pager, to world renowned hospitals and the medical diagnostic machines within them, tantalum capacitors are changing the world one electric current at a time.

Military use of tantalum capacitors

Tantalum capacitors for military use contain a anode that is made up of a tiny cylindrical billet of tantalum metal held inside a sterling silver can. These pieces effectively form what is knownas the cathode, by Teflon spacers. The military gradetantalum capacitor(SMD chip,axial,radi-al,wet,solid,high temperature,powder mixture) then exits the can through a Teflon and siliconerubber gasket on one end. This tantalum lead is soldered to a copper lead on the external sideof the can. There is then an electrically conductive jelly which fills the gap between the tanta-lum billet and the inside of the silver can. It is then coated with a steel blue layer of oxide whichis the dielectric barrier.

There is a cheaper a weaker version of a like sintered tantalum billet, which uses manganese IV oxide, sliver, and a tin plated brass can. The cheapest form of these is made up of a mixture of tantalum powder and manganese IV Oxide pressed into a solid mass.of course most military use of tantalum capacitors will involve the highest quality components.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Use Tantalum Capacitors

Tantalum capacitors(SMD chip,axial,radial,wet,solid,high temperature,powder mixture) alwayshave an electrical leakage and are resistant to higher forms of electrical leakage, therefor theywill retain a charge for a longer amount of time. They are less susceptible harsh operating envi-ronments unlike your typical aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Military use tantalum capacitorsare fairly expensive, however they are not usually tolerant of heavy charge and discharge cur-rents, especially those of a repetitive or consistent type. Their ESR of effective series resis-tance is still high when compared to aluminum electrolytics.

Military Use Tantalum Capacitors in Action

A capacitor stores electricity and then is used to effectively give the charge for the operation
of a device, like a semiconductor or similar device. Tantalum capacitors are widely used and
appreciated due to their ability to supply a high capacitance value inside a limited volumetric
space. Currently tantalum is most frequently used in the electronics in which uses the tantalum
in the building of extremely effective electronic capacitors. The capacitor itself is polarized, in
this state a metal tantalum will typically become an anode side electrode, and the conductive
layer on the solid side-state electrolyte becomes a cathode side electrode.military se Tantalum Capacitors are in wide use in today’s service as they offer much more in efficiency then cheaper made aluminum.