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Market Analysis Of High Voltage Capacitor
Feb 28, 2018


According to a press released MarketsandMarkets statistics, high voltage capacitor markets around the world in 2014 full-year earnings of $133.86 million, according to the trend, predicts that by 2020 the relevant departments, to rise to $218.84 million (RMB 1.4 billion), its growth rate is close to one times.

For high voltage capacitor is the main reason of the rapid growth of the aging power grid infrastructure technology upgrade, the deployment of smart grid and grid integration, so as to increase the demand for high voltage capacitor.

According to the data, from the country and the region, the asia-pacific region is the largest source of the high-voltage capacitor market in 2014.It is expected that the asia-pacific region will continue to maintain this trend in 2015-2020, while China is expected to be the fastest growing country, with a compound annual growth rate of over 7%.Second, the us will continue to maintain the highest market share.


With the acceleration of smart grid deployment in Europe and the upgrading of power infrastructure in North America, the demand for high-voltage capacitors in developed regions such as North America and Europe is also growing steadily.At the same time, developing emerging economies such as India, Brazil and China to accelerate the development and reduce the population without electricity power infrastructure will further promote regional market growth in demand for high voltage capacitor is used to solve the status of the remote areas without electricity.

Currently, the maxwell, Trench, Germany, India W.S. test systems such as the production occupies a large share of the global high voltage capacitor, but recently, with the development of China xd also has entered the ranks of the squad.