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JINPEI S series MLCC Effectively Resolve The Questions Of Mechanical Shock And Thermal Shock
Dec 05, 2016

JINPEI "S" Series MLCC effectively resolve the questions of mechanical shock and thermal shock,

Car, because of the shaking while driving, the use of the electronic components will reverberate, light loose caused by welding, or electronic components such as fracture consequences.

An ordinary car need to install thousands of electronic components.Including the use of MLCC around 600, it is

conceivable once one or several components appear the phenomenon such as welding looseness or breakage, will also have negative influence on vehicle performance.

Traditional solder less elastic the use of lead-free solder is more and more widely, welding points become more hard and

brittle.As a result, the thermal shock or mechanical effect cause PCB distorted or bending, welding place produces cracks.

JINPEI's products of the company "S" Series Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors - Replaced Soft Termination MLCCs,

with unique sandwich structure (pictured), can effectively prevent MLCC internal cracks caused by mechanical and

thermal shock.Long time experiment has proved that can completely replace the TDK Sangsum MLCC capacitor and the soft terminal of AVX KEMET flexible terminal -automotive MLCC, and relatively low cost, the delivery was quick.