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Japan PCB Industry Development Status
Sep 07, 2016

According to the Prismark statistics: Japan PCB industry output share of the global market declined in recent years, market value of US $ 6.62 billion in the region, accounting for 11.5% of the total global market over the same period.

Japan PCB manufacturers focus on the production of higher-order and the high unit price of PCB products, mainly in the flexible plate and hard, their proportion of total 47% per cent of its overall production of PCB, mainly used in mobile phones and HDD,IC substrate 30%, said they accounted for a total of 77% share of PCB products only accounted for 21%, and for the HDI of high technical threshold and hot plates.

Product application, Japan PCB industry application up to area of IC package, 30%, which is the Japanese production of IC substrate responsible for a high percentage. This field mainly Japanese Ibiden revenues the highest proportion in the world, products for FCBGA and FCCSP, Japanese ShinkoElectric application is the leader in the field, and FlipChip, mainly P-BGA and P-CSP substrate. Japan PCB Board minor applications in mobile phones, accounting for 25% of the total production; first-place Nippon, 30% per cent share in its product portfolio, application for mobile phone-related, which is dominated by phone with LCD FPC;

Ibiden application in mobile phone mainly for HDI and AnylayerHDI. Japan PCB manufacturers in terms of mobile phone customers, mainly such as Apple and Nokia, so the smart phone market continues to grow, Japan PCB industry is also helpful. Automotive applications accounted for Japan 13% of PCB production, although the proportion is not and new applications, but Japan PCB industry in PCB supply for vehicles has been leading, CMK, Meiko, etc.