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Nov 24, 2017


January 20, in the 8th global mobile broadband BBS, huawei Wireless X Labs Wireless application scene laboratory released a white paper on 5G's top 10 application scenarios.White degree of dependence on 5 g technology in industry, commercial value, to evaluate business maturity dimensions such as analysis, to identify associated with 5 g technology is strong, one of the ten most commercial potential scenarios, indicate the direction for the 5 g industry application.

Huawei's BG President ding yun has released a white paper on 5G's top 10 application scenarios

The top 10 application scenarios of 5G are based on the industry's reliance on 5G technology as the first measurement dimension, and the evaluation and analysis of the commercial value of the industry in the 5G era is conducted in the second dimension.The higher the demand of bandwidth and the lower the time delay of the industry, the higher the degree of dependence on 5G technology, and the greater the market space indicates the commercial value of the business in the 5G era.For example, in the cloud VR/AR domain, due to its main computing and storage resources in the cloud, the high quality experience requires high performance network assurance - the latency of low to 5ms, and the highest 9.5Gbps bandwidth.This network performance can only be provided by 5G.

In terms of market space, the white paper on 5G's ten application scenarios predicts that the market space of cloud VR/AR will reach $292 billion in 2025, and the commercial value is huge, and operators can benefit from it.

Through a series of selection sort, don't make 5 g white paper consensus top ten of the most potential scenarios: cloud VR/AR, car networking, intelligent manufacturing, energy, wisdom uav wireless medical, family entertainment, networking, social networking, personal assistant AI, intelligent city.Ding pointed out that in the face of many innovative 5G applications, operators can choose and incubate according to strategy, build up their capabilities quickly and win the future 5G business success.With the further exploration, huawei Wireless X Labs will continue to refresh more application scenarios and publicize the research results.

Ding Yun concluded, "huawei Wireless X Labs established over the past year, with the research on vertical industry insight and cooperation, together industry partners, build a new ecological industry, is now in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), intelligent manufacturing, medical wisdom, car networking, and other fields.Looking forward to the future, huawei Wireless X Labs will continue to explore new applications in the future, the unknown field and play a good to determine the role of opportunities between Bridges and power operators and partners to achieve commercial success."