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How Important Is The IC
Apr 19, 2018


The Commerce Department has banned us companies from selling parts to zte.As soon as the news came out, the public opinion paid close attention.One focus is chip technology.

How important is a IC/chip?

Remember the infamous snowden affair, when there was a general question about why the United States was able to monitor and monitor the world?The reason is that America's information network is incredibly powerful, and the world is highly dependent on America's information network technology, which is the key technology.No matter how sophisticated the device is, its data is stored on a small chip.But the chip with infinite power has a fatal weakness, that is its "destiny" is in the hand of the designer, the industry commonly known as "back door".If you don't have a key core technology, the "back door" that the designer left behind will expose all your secrets to people in an instant.

In fact, the us government's control of core chip technology has never stopped before it was banned.On April 9, 2014, the us Commerce Department announced that decided to reject Intel sold to national supercomputing center in guangzhou China "to" (XEON) chip is used for "tianhe ii application system upgrade.At the time, the U.S. department of commerce argued that the "tianhe-2" system, which used two Intel microprocessors, and the earlier "tianhe-1" A system, "are believed to be used for nuclear detonation simulations."This reason is difficult to convince, because all the expert inside course of study thinks, whether it's for security or confidentiality point of view, "tianhe ii can't directly used in a nuclear blast simulation.

The "blocked" zte, America has given the reason: the Chinese company in violation of the agreement with the us government, is still sold in the U.S. sanctions to Iran national technology from the United States.But even the American media have seen the stretch.As the New York times, "zte" by block is trump the inevitable outcome of a trade war with China intensified, and he shut down the root cause of zte, or to hit the Chinese government planning of the "made in China 2025" plan, don't let China to use the technology to surpass the United States of the United States.Compared with the trade wars of general products, Mr Trump is clearly more vulnerable to domestic support than he is to technical controls.Pointed out, the Wall Street journal, just hit the nail on the head than and China trade war, this direct clamping down and kill those who will benefit China in competition with the United States, investments and acquisitions will be more easy to get the American public opinion support trump - especially those in the United States has been overtaken by China's industry, there will be a lot of people support the trump against China.

Since the core technology cannot be bought, and the dependence on imports will lead to the control of people, in addition to independent research and development, gradually realizing the localization of high-end chips, there is no other way.So what is the status of China's chipmaking?Huang qingqiao, deputy researcher of the institute of science history and science and culture at Shanghai jiaotong university, points out that the chips have high, medium and low levels.China's chip technology and production process is currently not comparable to that of the us, but it is fully self-sufficient in the production of low-end chips and is a strong support for Chinese manufacturing.The problem is mainly in the middle and high-end products industry and technology.Demand for high-end chips in China is largely dependent on imports.According to the "Yellow Book of national innovation competitiveness" issued by the development research center of the state council, China's key core technologies are highly dependent on external dependence and 80% of the chips are imported.

Where is the difficulty in developing the chip industry in China?Huang Qingqiao pointed out that, first of all, China's chip industry started relatively late, the core technology, the integrated circuit industry in the core technology, design, manufacturing, industrial scale, leading enterprises and so on, has bigger gap compared with the advanced world level.In general, the chip industry in our country, the design level of the chip is basically the same as the international level, and the packaging technology level is 4 to 5 years, and the manufacturing process gap is about 3 and a half years.Secondly, the chip industry itself has the characteristics of high input, long-term development and long return cycle, and the investment of ordinary chip manufacturing enterprises should reach tens of billions.Therefore, the average enterprise can not bear.And the development of the chip industry follows Moore's law, which is very fast.And every update is a huge investment.This kind of big investment, the return period relatively long industry characteristic, makes the chip industry becomes the high-risk industry, the general social capital is not willing to enter.This high risk also makes the industry characteristic of the so-called "big Evergrande" in the chip industry. It is easy to form a natural monopoly, and it is very difficult for the latter to develop.This means that China's "strong core" must be a protracted war.