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High Voltage Pulse Power Capacitors
Apr 01, 2017


High voltage pulse

High voltage pulse power capacitors

According to the American SanDiego atomic energy agency (iaea), the United States has invested in at least five years, spent millions of dollars to develop this kind of ceramic materials, managed to make such key components of high voltage pulse power capacitors.Through a variety of research and consulting, the United States more than group (Dover) is the only company worldwide production of this kind of high power pulse energy storage capacitor manufacturer.

There is no doubt that the domestic many fields especially in the military as early as three years ago has been the urgent demand for this series of condenser is put forward.ZhongWuYuan weapons, 212, national military super fast photoelectric application research are put forward for the category capacitor specific application requirements.

This project product is completely different from the general ceramic capacitor, besides the four parameters of usually (C, tg the delta, delta, Vj C/C) must have a TCC, TVC and storage characteristics, pulse transmission characteristics.Without a domestic production of such products, is the first domestic.In addition, the unique structure design and the combination that makes the performance under specified size (a company) with the United States.

This point is key technology of ceramic powder and unique structure design.At present our company has been successfully break through the key technology.

The project belongs to the basic raw materials and electronic components, is used in the field of the key and core components.According to the related electronic information provided by the information shows that the product has been widely used in the following nine areas: detonating circuit, oil exploration, seismic evaluation, ignition system, laser system, energy storage module, pulse photoelectric system, buffer protection circuit, the power is cut off

In addition, this series of products are widely used to make non war military operations of directional survey of seismic evaluation and early warning, natural disaster and the real blasting, oil and gas exploration in the field of industrial products, high voltage power transmission system, protection, and other associated with energy storage, energy conversion of multistage program control circuit, etc.

power capacitors.jpgThe project in the component industry is a high technology content high value-added products, profit space is larger, calculated at 50% qualified rate can achieve higher returns than 20 million yuan.If pays special attention to the process control and quality monitoring, reward 30 million yuan is just around the corner.It will provide the successful development of domestic electronic industry opened up a whole new product category and application field, not only fill the blank of the industry and more important is also solved the nation each big institutions and related agencies for this product.