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Graphene Preparation High Capacitance Microporous Super Capacitor
Jun 03, 2017


Heteroatom doping nano carbon film can effectively increase the microporous super capacitor turns capacitance;However, wafer preparation can adjust the thickness and size uniform doping microporous supercapacitor sulfur graphene film is still a huge challenge.Here, we show the upward from the top of the preparation of continuous, uniform and ultra-thin sulfur from sulfur three six benzene ring and coronene doped graphene membrane, get the iconic capacitance speeding microporous super capacitor.Through spray coverage SHBC membrane preparation SG film, thermal annealing at 800 ℃ under 30 min with the help of gold coating thin.With 12 benzene sulfonium edge modified SHBC, in SG as the continuous and ultrathin film formation of the precursor is crucial, with a consistent thickness of about 10.0 nm.
Significantly, all of the preparation of solid plane SG - MSCs shows a high stability constraint capacitance behavior, its capacitance in 10 mV s - 1 ~ 582 cm - 3 F, the excellent ratio of performance and the super rate under 2000 V s - 1 significant capacity, high frequency response and 0.26 ms short time constant, cm - 3 ~ 1191 W high energy density.It is worth noting that these values are carbon-based MSCs have so far received reports of the highest value.