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Graphene Miniature Super Capacitor Related Research Progress
Apr 14, 2017

super capacitor

A few days ago, the Chinese academy of sciences dalian compound material and energy devices group (group DNL21T3) Wu Zhongshuai researcher with package and academician, Chinese academy of sciences institute of physics li-wei guo researcher cooperation, USES the high temperature pyrolysis SiC prepared high stacking density, single orientation array, direct bonding stand basal graphene, and applied to high power miniature super capacitor.

The continuous development of multi-function integrated circuit increases the demand for miniaturization, integration of micro-nano energy storage system.Miniature super capacitor such as lightweight, thin thickness, small size, high power density, long cycle life and fast frequency response, etc, has been widely concerned.Among them, the design and construction of unconventional and orderly structure of directional, high ion and electron conductivity and strong interface bonding of electrode material is the development of high power energy storage device is one of the important research direction.

The research team using the method of high temperature pyrolysis SiC substrate were stacked high density, high conductive and orientation of the single stand graphene array.Compared with the traditional electrode material, the array grows in conductive SiC substrate directly, between electrode materials and the collection of fluid in the formation of strong cooperation with interface key, and set up effective transmission channels of ions and electrons.Electrolyte ions can stand along the graphene plane barrier-free fast moving, effectively shorten the electrolyte ion path, at the same time, the electrons from the graphene plane to set fluid has realized the fast transmission and storage.Using the array of miniature super capacitor in the ionic liquid electrolyte and gel showed a high capacity, fast frequency response (9 milliseconds), the circulation of the excellent stability and high scan rate (200 v/s).The super capacitor power 61 w/cm3 density, theory can provide enough for miniaturization, integration of electronic equipment of peak power.All the work for the development of strong interface bonding electrode materials used in high power provides a new way to the super capacitor.