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Future IC Development Direction
Dec 22, 2017


The data shows that global data volume continues to grow and is expected to reach 40ZB (equivalent to 4 trillion GB) by 2020.Data security threats continue to rise, driving demand for data security products to grow rapidly, and ensuring data security becomes a topic of increasing concern in various industries.ICCAD2017 in recently years, tzu chi cheung CEO Dr Tian-yi jiang Shared how to make use of new technologies, such as large data analysis, core data, intellectual property protection IC design enterprises to establish a reliable security system experience and experience.

"Zhixiang technology aims to help integrated circuit enterprises to protect data codes and ensure IP security.It protects against external intrusion and internal leakage, such as preventing the occurrence of such events.Tian-yi jiang in an interview with reporters said, "I chose this field, because we think the security of the data for enterprise more and more important, a lot of data leak out will cause huge losses to the enterprise.In recent years, domestic enterprises have gradually strengthened their awareness of this aspect, and the market prospect is promising.This is the original intention of zhixiang technology in this market."


Perhaps in connection with the previous chip design industry, jiang tianyi first put the market entry point into the data security protection of IC design enterprises."In the current increasingly competitive industry innovation pattern and severe pressure, the development of the industry for IC design companies, IP data such as intellectual property, research and development is the enterprise's core competitive advantage."Jiang tianyi said.


And IC design enterprise's data protection has its own unique demand.In the past, give priority to with physical protection IC design enterprises mainly adopt security solution, by superposition of security products and security features trying to meet the demand of security, but often brings collaborative weak, all kinds of mechanism, the problem such as incompatible.Not only is it difficult to effectively protect critical data, but it also seriously affects research and development, office experience and efficiency.


At the same time, with the manual auditing method, it is hard to trace the security incident, and the sensitive project can't meet the safety compliance requirements.These security issues have become an obstacle to the innovation and development of integrated circuit design enterprises.Therefore, the integrated circuit industry needs more effective safety technology and products to meet the security challenges posed by the new ecological industry.


"The integrated circuit industry has its own unique place, which is different from traditional data protection. The integrated circuit design has different security requirements.Aiming at these requirements, zhixiang technology has been designed.This is the main reason why our business is growing so fast in the integrated circuit industry.""Said jiang tianyi.


It is understood that tzu chi cheung launched based on the concept of "no boundaries" security solutions, integrated circuit industry oriented research and development, office, outsourcing and so on a variety of scenarios, will be deployed in enterprise between the server and terminal to Ann shield products as business development and operation of unified entrance, concentrated control critical data assets.At present, the scheme has been widely used in the design of leading integrated circuit design enterprises such as zhan, quan zhi and jun zheng.


However, Mr Jiang also acknowledges that the need for integrated circuit design is only a small part of the overall data security market.According to data from IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the total cost of corporate data breaches rose from $3.79 million to $4 million.This has led to a gradual increase in the amount of money invested in related fields.


Of our country's construction of information security infrastructure is perfect, is expected to take data security as the core of information security application market will become the growth point of the industry, its growth rate will be higher than the industry as a whole.The data of the current our country security market scale is controlled in 2 billion yuan, zhongshang industry research institute estimates that in the next few years, our country data security market scale growth above 30%, the data security market scale in 2020 is expected to exceed 7 billion yuan.Colleague IC will drive the market demand of small size multilayer ceramic capacitor/SMD MLCC, such as 0201 0402.