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The Future Direction Of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology
Dec 22, 2017


It's an age of intelligence and an age of experience, "one of the highlights of the exhibition at the fair.Big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technical depth applications have brought disruptive influence to industrial development patterns, and intelligence and experience have become the most prominent features of this era.

"In the future, there will be more and more communion between people and machines, which is an important part of the manufacturing field in the age of intelligence and experience."Li bacon, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, expressed the same view.As the experience deepens, the market demand changes and the intelligent service comes into being, and the mode of manufacturing industry changes accordingly.


"For the future of intelligent manufacturing, now called many things, but no one can define directly, now to be sure, the future of intelligent manufacturing must be based on modern information and communication technology, to change the mode of production."So says guan xiyou, chairman of shenyang machine tool group.Alms also said that, the core of intelligent service model innovation, is the theme of a new generation of intelligent manufacturing system, a new generation of the application of artificial intelligence technology has given rise to the industry pattern of transformative change, industry pattern will realize from the product as the center to the user as the center of a fundamental shift, to complete the supply side of the deep structural reforms.The transformation of the industrial model is reflected in two aspects: the transformation from mass production line production to customized production, and the transformation of industrial form from production to service manufacturing.


Large-scale production of pipeline production to scale customization production, this point in haier COSMOPlat platform can be seen.The platform realizes the innovation of the research and development of household appliance products, manufacturing process and marketing methods, and the user actively becomes a member of the product growth.

"COSMOPlat platform realized the unity of man and man and upended the traditional industrial model of manufacturing industry.The positioning of the platform is not a simple device connection platform. Instead, it connects users and allows users to participate in the whole process, enhancing the experience.The platform is not a platform for traditional factories, but a platform to drive mass customization.The vice President of haier home appliances industry group told reporters.Under the precise interaction of user participation, the product of one times, buy conversion rate and shorten the delivery cycle, improve the user experience, and reduce the inventory cost of the enterprise, with integrated solution to reduce the whole link operating costs.At present, the production efficiency of haier products is increased by 60%, and the non-storage rate reaches 68%.


"The big data intelligent, swarm intelligence, man-machine integration of intelligent application will further improve various personalized, flexible and customized products, promote Chinese manufacturing realize user-centered new mode and new forms."

The rise of artificial intelligence will lead to the upgrading of new electronic components, such as capacitors and electrolytic capacitors etc.