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From Scrap Tantalum Capacitors In The Production Of High-purity Tantalum Ingot
Sep 07, 2016

"The building of a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises is our social responsibility. "In Changsha, South of tantalum and niobium responsibility on the desk of Chairman Jiang Kunlin, a new law on environmental protection is particularly intriguing. Although the company was not doing the environmental protection industry, but South of tantalum and niobium are very concerned about the environmental impact of industrial production.

Company technology innovation team created from waste technology of preparation of high-purity tantalum tantalum ingot obtained the national patent, the technical treasure, not only to achieve a special metal recycling of resources, also greatly reduces the production costs of enterprises, realize the benefits of environmental protection and industrial "win-win". It is reported that the core members of the company's innovation team currently has more than 20 people, master's degree or above accounted for 25%. "Whether it be technical backbone, backbone or production, as long as they can make their mark on the award, House, car, company employees ' creative enthusiasm is very high. "Jiang Kunlin told.

"Tantalum metal deposits is very limited, but industrial production is not no, tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor is the main areas of consumption. "Deputy General Manager Luo Denggao introduced tantalum is a special and rare metals, because of its unique physical and chemical properties, become an indispensable strategic raw material of electronics and space technology development. For nearly 20 years, and each year around the world for the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors generally 600 to 1000 tons of tantalum powder on, due to damage of tantalum products, end of life and natural selection, and about 100 to 200 tons of scrap tantalum capacitors. Recycle for scrap tantalum, Ta/NB innovation team the use of patented technology in the South, eventually gets Ta purity of 99.95% to 99.99%.