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5G 2020 To 2025 Commercial Forecast
Mar 09, 2019


5G will release strong momentum for information consumption.It is estimated that the commercial use of 5G will directly drive 8.2 trillion yuan of information consumption between 2020 and 2025, and 4.3 trillion yuan of information consumption will be released through the upgrading and upgrading of smart phones, wearable devices and other terminal products, according to an exclusive report by the China information and communications institute on March 5.

"5G has greatly promoted the upgrading of the whole industrial chain of upstream electronic components, midstream network equipment and terminal application equipment, and has driven a large space for information consumption."Zhang chunfei, director of the regulatory research department at the institute of policy and economics at the China information technology institute, told the economic information daily that 5G, on the one hand, will drive the upgrading of mobile phone terminals, thus pushing mobile phone manufacturers to make more advanced and richer terminal products.On the other hand, the faster network speed and better terminals will also promote the development of more and better applications by Internet and software enterprises, drive the improvement of the whole level of information services and promote the consumption of information services.

In fact, 5G terminal upgrade has begun.Take mobile terminals as an example. At the world mobile communication conference 2019 held in late February, 5G mobile phones were frequently presented, and huawei, OPPO, xiaomi and other enterprises released 5G mobile phones respectively.According to Counterpoint Research, global 5G smartphone shipments will reach 110 million units in 2021, up 255% from 2020.Zhang chunfei told the economic information daily that overall, it is expected that the upgrading of 5G terminal products will drive information consumption by 4.3 trillion yuan between 2020 and 2025.

In addition, the central government is also stepping up policy support to encourage and expand information consumption in 5G related fields.At the end of January, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of finance and other ten departments formulated the "implementation plan for further optimizing supply, promoting stable growth of consumption and promoting the formation of a strong domestic market", which explicitly accelerated the launch of 5G commercial license, and expanded and upgraded information consumption.In addition, since 2019, jiangxi, henan, Beijing, shenzhen, chengdu, chongqing and other places have issued action plans or planning plans to support the implementation of 5G industry, cultivate 5G related information industry, and release huge market space for information consumption.

22eaf20cecbd1e4ca91faf8ae1693d34Electronic information institute of China electronic information industry development institute xiao-hui feng, director of the laboratory to the economic information daily, reporters that this year 5 g significantly speed up the development of whole industry chain, but 5 g network construction, mature products and user experience of ascension requires a certain time period, in the field of 5 g terminal consumer also need to cultivate the habits of consumers.In addition, many 5G terminal products are still in the display stage and cannot meet the commercial scale requirements.Next, it is necessary to support innovation and commercialization breakthroughs in smart terminals such as wearable devices, virtual reality, augmented reality and intelligent service robots to enrich the supply of consumer products.

Around next development, zhang chunfei suggests, it is to optimize environment of information consumption development.5G commercial trials will be conducted in key cities.We will issue 5G commercial licenses in due course, promote the deployment of 5G commercial networks in a coordinated way, build high-quality 5G boutique networks, and strengthen the capacity to support the foundation of information consumption.Second, we will improve the ability to supply information consumption.We will accelerate the maturation of 5G terminals, vigorously develop 5G integrated applications such as the industrial Internet, the Internet of vehicles, distance education and telemedicine, and increase the supply of medium - and high-end information services.

(ministry of telecommunications research institute of China academy of information and communication), formerly the ministry of posts and telecommunications telecommunications research institute (founded in 1957), 1994 group, is a scientific research institutions directly under the ministry of industry and information technology, is a country in the field of information and communication (ICT) is the most important supporting units and the ministry of industry and information technology comprehensive policy areas mainly depends on the unit.Research over the last fifty years with the development of information industry and the reform, the development strategy, independent innovation, industrial policy, industry management, planning and design, technical standards, testing, certification, etc to accumulate experience and improve ability, decision making in government and industry, innovation and development of key support and impetus, witness and participated in the China's information telecommunication industry from small to large, from weak gradually strong, sporting a par, across the whole process of development, in the international and domestic information and communication industry has a high reputation and influence.