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Development Of The Graphene Industry
Jan 13, 2018

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The new material industry is one of the seven strategic emerging industries of the country. It is the cornerstone and guide for the development of the high-tech industry. Graphene, as a new star in the field of materials, has huge market potential.At present, China, the United States, South Korea, the European Union, Japan and other countries have promoted to the strategic research height, expecting it to bring huge market value.Compared with other countries, China in terms of competitive behavior is very outstanding, but the current technical concepts graphene industry is still in the stage, still have a variety of needs in the process of industrialization to solve problems.On the development investment proposal of graphene industry in China, the 

detailed analysis is as follows:

Competitive advantage of graphene industry.

1. Rich raw materials.

The preparation of graphene requires a sophisticated preparation process, but less resource consumption.Normally, the raw materials of the REDOX method are graphite, but the graphite is relatively poor in the quality of graphene, and the film size is relatively small.

The CVD method, which is the most likely to achieve the large-scale production of graphene in single crystal, is made from methane, acetylene, and other carbon-containing gases.

No matter the REDOX or CVD method, there is no need to worry about the shortage of raw materials, which is an advantage of the development of graphene industry.

2. The preparation technology is gradually mature.

At present, the research level of preparation and application of graphene powder in China is similar to that of abroad.In particular, graphene powder is used as a high-end additive to replace carbon black and applied to lithium ion batteries, super capacitors, polymer composites and other fields.

In addition, the domestic large-scale preparation of the graphene film although started late, but have to catch up, the current domestic existing changzhou two-dimensional carbon technology co., LTD., chongqing science and technology co., LTD., built of Mexico graphene transparent conductive film production line, and actively develop its application in the field of touch screen.

3. The downstream demand drive highlights the investment value.

Graphene industry in our country is in a rising channel, on the one hand, graphene material technical barriers is higher, the bargaining ability of the industry, profit is affected by raw material price fluctuations is relatively small, and the technological level and other factors, such as marketing strategy is more important, often reflect enterprise's core competitive ability in research and development strength, management level and the development strategy.

Graphene, on the other hand, the downstream industry is mainly electronic, aerospace, optical, energy, environment, medicine and so on, and that industry is in rapid development period, in the long run, will inevitably increase the demand for graphene, long-term for graphene industry fast development provides the market infrastructure.

Competitive disadvantage of graphene industry.

timg.jpg1. Key technologies have not yet achieved substantive breakthroughs.

At present, the domestic production and application development in graphene enterprise mostly small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up companies, funds, personnel, and research and development strength and so on all can't with foreign samsung, big companies such as IBM, basf.While some large private companies, state-owned enterprises and central enterprises have begun to focus on graphene, most have yet to materialize.

Graphene, low cost, high quality green preparation and purification technology, the graphene dispersion technology, application technology (such as barriers to replace traditional material) is still the bottleneck restricting the development of graphene in the future.

2. Lack of guidance in industrial application technology.

Although the graphene industry has huge scale, the downstream application market urgently needs to be developed.The transformation of from research to application slower, channel impeded, related to large enterprises lack their own r&d as well as the product of graphene technology components materials, choose the power of graphene, still need more guidance in this respect and promote.

Market demand has not been fully opened.

At present, there are thousands of units engaged in the production and development of graphene in China. Although most enterprises have basic design and production capacity, the product differentiation is not big.Although the production of graphene has increased year by year, it is subject to no breakthrough in the downstream application, leading to the price of graphene without market.

At present, it is not uncommon for a company to produce tons of graphene production lines, but the application of graphene is rarely reported.If only the production of graphene is increased rather than the downstream application of existing products to expand graphene, the industrial chain of graphite field will not be formed.