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Development Of PCB Industry Environment Will Further Improve
Sep 07, 2016

At present, the printed circuit board (PCB) industry, after several years of development, has become an emerging global big business.

PCB market support in recent years, the high-speed development of China's electronic information industry, 40%~45%,PCB industry is export growth lagged behind the growth of electronic information industry as a whole, multilayer PCB and HDI boards production lags far behind the market, need to rely heavily on imports, PCB industry still has a lot of room for development.

According to the Ministry of information industry, the information industry science and technology development in China "Eleven-Five" medium and long-term outline plan and 2020, printed circuit boards (especially the multi-layer, flexible, flexible integration and green printed circuit board technologies) is the next 5-15 years focusing on the development of China's electronic information industry one of the 15 areas.

Interpretation on electronics who have some interest in the PCB, mostly dismantled part of the electronics, such as radios, computers and other products. You will find in these products of circuit board covered with a variety of textures, a rivulet of clear lines form the basis of equipment operation, this is the printed circuit.

Printed circuit has the advantage of no welding again and again at the circuit board, eliminating the complex manual wiring operations, but also to achieve high precision, making circuit boards production efficiency greatly improved. Printing can narrow the large photo plate, printed circuits can also narrow plate-making electronic circuit diagram, which prepared conditions for integrated circuits. Today, all the computers and all electronics, printed circuit is used.