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China To Launch Spacecraft Of Shenzhou -11 On Oct.17 2016
Oct 16, 2016

A spokesman for China's manned space program said on Sunday, 11 shenzhou manned spacecraft will be launched at 7:30 in the morning Beijing time Monday.Wu ping, deputy director of the China artificial space engineering office said at a news conference at the jiuquan satellite launch center, the spacecraft will take two male astronauts jing haipeng and Chen Dong into space.Ms wu said the mission will be to perform in conjunction with the long March 2 f rocket.She also said that the spaceship will be in two days to dock with the orbiting space lab tiangong. 2, the two astronauts will stay in the space lab for 30 days.Ms wu said, later, the shenzhou spacecraft will 11 from module 2, and return to earth in one day.