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China's Super Capacitor Technology Breakthrough
Sep 07, 2016

In the "Twelve-Five" 863 Program advanced energy technologies "chemical energy storage battery with high performance and demonstration study on the key technology of power station" project, supported by the "high energy, low cost new-style Super capacitors key technology research", "long-life lithium manganate batteries for energy storage technology and demonstration" project has made significant progress recently passed the technical inspection.

According to technology Department official micro-Bo "sharp technology" August 15 message, in "new super capacitor" aspects, breakthrough has high energy density high power density long life super capacitor of preparation technology bottleneck, development has more hole graphite en, and high resistance pressure electrolytic quality salt and electrolytic liquid, and cellulose diaphragm, material, development has dry legal prepared electrode tablets in the try technology, breakthrough has (3.0V/12000F) super capacitor industrialization of core technology, products has in mechanical can recycling, and Supercapacitor applications access to rail vehicles. Currently the supercapacitor materials, devices to system integration has formed core technology system, changing the super capacitor during the 25 by the monopoly of foreign products.

In "long life manganese acid lithium Department storage can battery" aspects, carried out has layer-like manganese acid lithium, and surface package covered Crystal manganese acid lithium, and aluminum cobalt total doping manganese acid lithium cathode material, and asphalt and resin derivative of hard carbon negative material, and function electrolytic liquid of research, and monomer battery, and module and storage can system of research, master has long life low cost lithium ion storage can system of industrialization key technology, monomer life has over 3,000 times, highest reached 6,000 times. Out into 2 sets of 50kW/100kWh for the first time at the international level of layered lithium manganate/hard carbon for lithium-ion battery energy storage system development and demonstration runs and developed the 20kWh solar (000591) power storage systems, 3kWh standby power applications such as model.