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China's Advanced Quantum Technology
Jan 08, 2018


Our world is a step closer to that future.Chinese academy of sciences, a team of experts and physicist cryptography successfully realized last half an hour or so, in the Chinese academy of sciences and the European quantum cryptography video calls between the Austrian academy of sciences.Such a call would not be wiretapped and therefore unconditional.

To this, a British intelligence systems professionals don't want to be named, said: "in all the latest technology, the technology is the most let me excited, but also the most let me feel worried.It will be a world-changing technology."Western experts are not alone in worrying about the current situation.Many western experts see the fact, that is, although some university in the United States and Europe, institute and the laboratory continues to generate quantum technology innovation, but leads the world in the field of quantum technology application, it is Chinese.

The beijing-vienna quantum video call at the end of September was carried out through ordinary Skype software, with all data transmitted via a public network.The difference is that the call USES quantum cryptography, which is produced by a quantum device on the mozi, a quantum experimental satellite in China.The most impressive thing is that quantum physics dictates that when anyone tries to eavesdrop on the signals, the caller will immediately notice."Quantum encryption is the closest thing you can imagine to an unbreakable communication technology," says Artur Ekert, a professor at Oxford University.

China is not stopping there. The team, led by professor pan jianwei, a physicist at the Chinese academy of sciences, has also built a quantum cryptographic network in the real world.They now connect the base stations, satellites and thousands of miles of fiber-optic cables to form a vast network of quantum communications across the country.

Committed to the development of long distance quantum communication technology of the university of Maryland Charles Clarke, associate professor at the joint quantum institute (Charles Clark) said: "this is not what need to find new physics theorem."But the Chinese leadership is impressive in scale and distance.

"It was an extraordinary display," clark said.Until now, the core of the cryptography is simple: to build a super math puzzles, and make sure to solve this math puzzles the required computing power than all potential enemy's technical capabilities.Today we use encryption technology, the so-called "public key technology" - this is all Internet authentication and secure communication technology, the use of encryption technology is far more than Nazi Germany using the enigma code password.But the principles are the same.The key used for decryption is generated and distributed to both parties by the computer.But with enough computing power, a third party is likely to break the code through brute force.And quantum cryptography is fundamentally different from the principle, giving it a supercipher system that cannot be breached, no matter how powerful the enemy's computing power is."Unlike a mathematical system, quantum encryption relies on the principle of physics, and the principle cannot be broken," says Mr Urcott.

Quantum key distribution technology is expected to completely overturn e-commerce and data protection industry, and completely eliminate fraudulent network hacking or identity theft."The biggest driver of quantum technology -- like many things that look good -- is actually military and intelligence," says Mr Clark.Any country that first mastered the technology will have a relatively strategic advantage in the short term.

China soon launched the world's first quantum communication test satellite, named after the ancient Chinese philosopher.This satellite running in less than 500 kilometers off the ground of low earth orbit, at the same time, pan team has more than 4500 meters above sea level in the qinghai-tibet plateau where construction ground base station, in order to better receive satellite signals, quantum do utmost elimination of the influence of the atmosphere of the signal.