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Basic Function-charge And Discharge Capacitors
Sep 07, 2016


Charged capacitor (storing charge and energy) is called charging. When two plates are always a plate of the capacitor is positive, another plate with the same amount of negative charge. A plate capacitor power supply (such as batteries) of the cathode, another plate negative pole of the power supply, two plates on each with the same amount of opposite charges. Charging electric field between the plates of the capacitor after the charging process access to electrical energy stored in the capacitor from the power supply.


Charged capacitors lose their charge (free charge and energy) is called discharging. For example, use a wire pole capacitor connected between charge-neutralized each other on, the capacitor will charge and released energy. Electric field between the capacitor plates disappeared after discharge, electrical energy into other forms of energy.

In General electronic circuit, often used for bypass, coupling capacitor, filter, oscillator, phase-shift waveforms and transformation, the role is the evolution of its charge and discharge function.