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Based On Inverter-photovoltaic Power Station Of AVC System Operation
Sep 07, 2016

On September 1, China electric power Research Institute research and development of photovoltaic power stations based on inverter voltage and reactive control system (AVC system) in Anhui Province feidong jinyang 100 megawatts of photovoltaic power plants put into operation successfully.

PV inverter itself has a strong reactive capacity but constrained by AVC communications and control mode of the system, its reactive power regulation capabilities have not been fully utilized, photovoltaic power stations still need to configure a large number of dynamic reactive power compensation devices, huge investment and later operation and maintenance costs.

China electric section hospital after years research, breakthrough has inverse variable device fast communications, and no work-voltage since adapted fast sagging control, and AVC partition layered coordination control, key technology, success development has based on inverse variable device of PV power station no work voltage control system, achieved free work-voltage sagging control, and constant voltage closed ring control, and set reactive power control, and set power factor control and night no work support, function, and in Anhui feidong jinyang 100 MW PV power station input application, Already have alternative photovoltaic power station capacity of dynamic reactive power compensation device.

Since commissioning, the PV power station temporary voltage dips/l dynamic response time less than 100 MS, reactive power and voltage close loop control response time ≤ 5 seconds, control deviation is less than 0.5%. This series of data showed that inverter of the photovoltaic power stations rely on reactive power regulation capabilities to meet the national standard GB/T19964-2012 photovoltaic power stations access technical regulations on photovoltaic power generation station in power system reactive power and voltage regulation requirements. 100 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations using the AVC system can save up to 2 million yuan of dynamic reactive power compensation device of the initial investment costs and operation and maintenance costs of hundreds of thousands of Yuan per year, economic benefits are significant.