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Baidu World Conference Yes, AI Do
Nov 03, 2018

8LYWF6J}%{T_Z1T`GY4]ZL7Baidu world conference is held in Beijing China grand hotel under the theme of "" Yes, AI Do" "on nov 1, 2018.Baidu world conference is the highest level industry event of baidu to industry, media, partners and users.At this world congress, baidu handed over the achievements of AI in three basic industries of the national economy.

In terms of agriculture, li introduced a practical case of panjin farmers in liaoning province. Based on intelligent monitoring of diseases and pests by AI remote sensing, precise scientific drug use can be completed, and the use of pesticides can be reduced by 50%. Not only can the input and output be significantly reduced, but also the environmental pollution can be reduced, and the safety of consumers can be increased."For the farmers, the input is lower, the output is secure, the earnings are higher, and for us ordinary people, we are more comfortable eating," said li.Our soil, our water is less polluted.Agricultural AI has emerged.

]AX0Y`9`4HRIZ2603CC30~FAble to reduce manpower cost by 40% and increase engineering benefits by 50%.In the future, baidu will allow more engineering equipment to realize no-man, intelligent construction.
In the tertiary industry represented by medical services, baidu, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, launched an AI all-in-one eye foundation screening machine to help patients screen in more grassroots, more remote and inaccessible places for ophthalmologists, and to identify blinding risks as early as possible and seek medical treatment in time.At the conference, Mr. Li also announced that the baidu foundation would donate baidu AI's all-in-one eye screening machine to medical centers in 500 poor counties across China, which is expected to cover 56 million people at risk.